Woolwich Central School (Garden)

34 Wing Parkway
Bath, Maine 04530

Contact: Eli Arlen at eliarlen8@gmail.com or 207.386.0215

Date: May 2018 and beyond

This project would involve potentially children from every grade at the school which is pre-K to 8th.

Starting seedlings indoors, planting seeds and seedlings in the greenhouse and garden. Composting food waste from the school cafeteria. Weeding and watering and harvesting throughout the growing season. Potentially including lesson plans for different classrooms and having a garden club that met after school and during summer vacation one day a week.

We’d like to keep things simple this growing season and look to apply for some grants for next year that could help procure more materials, etc. Please contact Eli Arlen at eliarlen8@gmail.com if you’re interested in this project.