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Production - 227-Sources of Lowbush Blueberry Plants

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Fact Sheet No. 227, UMaine Extension No. 2256

Prepared by David E. Yarborough, Extension Blueberry Specialist, The University of Maine, Orono ME 04469. Revised March 2018.

Sources of Blueberry Plants
Hartmann’s Plant Company
Daniel P. Hartmann
PO Box 100
Lacota, Michigan  49063-0100
Tel: (616) 253-4281
Fax:  (616) 253-4457
Tissue culture plants
2.4″, 4″ and #1 container grown
Minimum 100 plants
Price FOB Grand Junction, MI
Raintree Nursery
391 Butts Road
Morton, WA 98356
Tel: (360) 496-6400
Fax: 888-770-8358
Brunswick and Burgundy varieties
4 inch pot
Minimum order $10
Minimum shipping charge $15
Sources of Blueberry Sod
Green Thumb Farms
PO Box 147
Fryeburg, ME 04037
Tel: (207) 935-3341 x22
Fax: (207) 935-3318
Sod salesperson: Dylan (207) 256-4001,
Wild blueberry sod (Vaccinium angustifolium)
100 sq ft per pallet
Hand-cut to a consistent 16″x 24″ size
Provides 100% ground cover instantly
Can be delivered direct to your jobsite
All prices include delivery

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