Weed ID Tool

The weed image pages included here are a public resource to aid wild blueberry growers in identifying unknown weeds in wild blueberry fields in Maine. Follow all label instructions if you are using herbicides to control specific weeds. If you need assistance identifying a weed, or wish to have a specific weed added to the website, please contact Dr. Lily Calderwood at lily.calderwood@maine.edu or 207.581.2321.

Once you’ve identified your weed(s), you can look up which herbicides registered for use on wild blueberry will control your target species, using the Weed Control by Herbicide (PDF) table. Please note that Latin names may change over time, and so may be different from the name listed in the table and/or label. Selected species found in wild blueberry fields are listed; in some cases, a related species not necessarily observed in wild blueberry fields is listed, as your target species may respond similarly to the same herbicide. Environmental Notes (PDF) taken from the labels regarding each herbicide in the Weed Control table are also available. NOTE: The information located here does not substitute for nor supersede the official label language; always check your label before applying any herbicide.