Tall meadow-rue

Prepared by Jennifer L. D’Appollonio, Assistant Scientist, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469. Updated February 2018.

Scientific name: Thalictrum pubescens  Pursh

Common name(s): tall meadow-rue, tall meadow rue, king-of-the-meadow

Link(s): USDA PLANTS Profile, NPIN Profile, Go Botany

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– perennial


-leaves are:

  • compound
  • alternate
  • three lobes

-height of 3-7 feet

-showy outward extending white stamens

– may be confused with T. dioicum; see left sidebar on Go Botany webpage


-disturbed areas




-meadows and fields

Natural History:

-Iroquois used this to treat nosebleeds and gall conditions

-Montagnais used the leaves as a spice



Go Botany. “Thalictrum Pubescens Pursh.” Thalictrum Pubescens (Tall Meadow-Rue): Go Botany, 2021, gobotany.nativeplanttrust.org/species/thalictrum/pubescens/.