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Bryant Pond 4-H Camp & Learning Centers Positions

There are many roles to play at Bryant Pond, many jobs to do and positions to fill each season. We seek out a diverse assembly of staff, each possessing unique personalities, varied backgrounds, and talents that collectively serve as inspiring beacons for our campers.

Our staff members, hailing from different walks of life, not only teach the diverse activities that define the essence of our camp but also embody a genuine passion for camp life. We strive to curate a team of individuals who see beyond their job titles, aiming to foster a rich, inclusive camp environment. At Bryant Pond, we value those who desire to forge connections within our camp community, forming lasting friendships, and who are dedicated to diligently working for the betterment of the participants in our programs.

Lakeside Classroom Field Teacher

campers study soil samplesEmbarking on a career as a field teacher at our learning center offers a unique and enriching experience, allowing you to shape the educational journey of students ranging from kindergarten to college age. As a field teacher, you play a pivotal role in fostering a love for learning and creating an environment where students can explore, discover, and excel. What makes this role exceptional is the diversity of the age groups you’ll engage with, tailoring your teaching approach to meet the varying needs and developmental stages of each student. Our learning center is committed to providing a dynamic and collaborative setting, offering opportunities for professional growth and the chance to be part of a dedicated team passionate about education. Joining us as a field teacher means being at the forefront of educational innovation, inspiring curiosity, and helping students unlock their full potential across different academic levels.

  • Spring Season -April 22nd through June 7th
  • Fall Season – August 26th through November 1st
  • Full season 7-month appointments April 22nd through November 1st (see details below)
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Field Teachers – 7 month appointments

Two smiling staff members one giving a thumbs up Embark on a transformative educational journey with our unique 7-month position, where you’ll wear multiple hats as a Field Teacher, Lead Counselor, and Expedition Leader. In the spring, channel your passion for education as a Field Teacher, engaging with K-12 students during the exciting transition from winter to spring. As summer arrives, step into the role of Lead Counselor, overseeing and shaping the summer camp experience for a diverse group of students. It’s a chance to develop leadership skills, foster a sense of community, and make a lasting impact on the lives of campers. Come fall, seamlessly transition back to the role of a Field Teacher, working not only with K-12 students but also with those on the cusp of venturing into life beyond school and college freshmen navigating their new experiences. The fall season also brings an exhilarating opportunity to lead our camping expedition program, immersing students in hands-on learning in the great outdoors. This multifaceted position is designed to provide you with a dynamic and fulfilling experience, offering a holistic approach to education that spans various age groups and contexts. Join us on this educational adventure, where every season brings new challenges, growth, and the chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students in diverse educational settings.

Summer Camp Field Teacher / Counselor

Two summer staff with a group of campers making goofy facing in front of the climbing wallWorking as a camp counselor is a uniquely rewarding experience that goes beyond the typical job. It is special because it provides an opportunity to positively impact the lives of young individuals, fostering personal growth and creating lasting memories. As a counselor, you become a mentor and role model, guiding campers through a variety of activities and challenges that contribute to their social, emotional, and physical development. The sense of community and camaraderie that emerges within a camp setting is unparalleled, creating an environment where both campers and counselors alike can forge deep connections and friendships. The responsibilities of a camp counselor also allow for personal growth, enhancing leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. The chance to contribute to a positive and transformative experience for campers, coupled with the joy of participating in a close-knit community, makes working as a camp counselor a truly special and fulfilling endeavor.

Senior Field Teacher/Conservation Education Coordinator (Position Filled)

Ignite your passion for leadership and the great outdoors as a Senior Field Teacher! Join the heart of our community, where your role is not just a job but a commitment to shaping memorable experiences for both staff and campers.

As a key member of the leadership team, the Senior Field Teacher plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our dynamic camp environment. Collaborating seamlessly with the Leadership team, you will be the linchpin that supports field staff in navigating the challenges and triumphs of their week at camp. Your responsibilities extend beyond the conventional, encompassing a commitment to meet the diverse needs of the camp, offering unwavering support during off times, and serving as the embodiment of a positive role model.

Flexibility, patience, and self-motivation are the hallmarks of this position. Your adaptability will be the driving force behind creating an environment where the camp’s needs are not just met but exceeded. Your patience will be the compass guiding field teachers through their journey, and your self-motivation will be the catalyst for success.

Join us on this exciting adventure, where each day presents an opportunity to inspire and make a lasting impact. Embrace the challenge, embrace the joy – become a Senior Field Teacher at our extraordinary camp!

Summer Trip Coordinator (Position Filled)

Multiple staff standing on a rock face with a amazing view in the distanceAs a Summer Trip Coordinator, you’ll play a crucial role in the success of our campsite-based programs. Your responsibilities span the spectrum of outdoor education, from crafting engaging lessons to overseeing equipment needs, ensuring seamless food pack-outs, meticulous trip planning, and orchestrating the perfect campsite setup. As a anchor of the leadership team, your influence will extend beyond logistics to fostering a positive, supportive environment for our dedicated Field Teachers.

Imagine being the go-to person for staff, the beacon of guidance amid the challenges of outdoor programming. Your positive role modeling will empower the team to approach you with confidence, knowing you’re there to address their needs and concerns.

Flexibility, patience, and self-motivation are not just traits but the pillars of success in this role. The dynamic nature of outdoor programming demands adaptability, and your ability to navigate challenges with patience and self-motivation will set the tone for a season of triumphs.

Waterfront Coordinator

3 lifeguard holding rescue tubes standing on a dockDive into an extraordinary opportunity as the Waterfront Coordinator at Bryant Pond, where over 1,300 feet of picturesque waterfront beckons, creating a canvas for unforgettable aquatic adventures. As the heartbeat of our camp, the Waterfront Coordinator is not just a role; it’s a pivotal force shaping the success of our 4-H camp.

Imagine overseeing a sprawling waterfront that spans from the main lake into a wind-protected cove, offering an array of water-related activities such as canoeing, paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and an aqua zipline. Your enthusiasm for working with children of various ages will be the catalyst for creating a vibrant, safe, and fun environment that campers eagerly anticipate each week.

This role is a testament to the crucial balance between safety and excitement. Your dedication to ensuring the well-being of our campers while infusing each water-based activity with an extra dose of fun makes you an indispensable part of our camp community.

With 70-100 campers looking forward to their time in and on the water each week, your impact will ripple through the memories of every camper. Join us as the Waterfront Coordinator and be the architect of aquatic adventures that will be etched in the hearts of our campers for a lifetime. Your passion for water activities, coupled with a commitment to safety and fun, will make you the linchpin of our waterfront experience!