Please note: This information is subject to change and is not intended to be a comprehensive listing.  Please visit the CDC State of Maine for the most up to date information.  

This page last updated on 2/1/2021


It is mandated that all out-of-state travelers coming into Maine, as well as Maine residents returning to Maine, complete a 10-day quarantine upon arrival. Travelers should monitor for signs and symptoms for an additional 4 days. This means:

You need to arrive with enough food for 10 days or arrange to have food delivered to you. You cannot go out to grocery stores.
Stay at home. You cannot go out to public places.
Avoid contact with others, especially those who are at high risk of severe COVID-19 illness.
Negative Antigen or Molecular Test Result
The State will allow adults who have a negative COVID-19 antigen or molecular (PCR, NAAT, or isothermal) test collected no more than 72 hours before arriving in Maine to forgo the 10-day quarantine upon arrival in Maine. An antibody test is not accepted to forgo quarantine for visitors and those returning to Maine. Maine is strongly urging visitors to “Know Before You Go,” meaning they should get tested and receive their test results in their home state before traveling to Maine, which will allow them to take appropriate action depending on the result. If you do not have the test result by the time you arrive, you must quarantine in your lodging until you receive the result. Individuals may be tested upon arrival in Maine as well, but they must quarantine while awaiting the results.

Additionally, the State will exempt residents from the following states from the testing and 10-day quarantine requirement altogether because, when adjusted for population, the prevalence of active cases of COVID-19 in these states is similar.

Exempt effective June 12, 2020:

New Hampshire

Maine residents can also travel to these states and return without testing or completing a 10-day quarantine. People who are not residents of these states and are visiting Maine will be asked to sign a Certificate of Compliance indicating either that they have received a negative COVID-19 test result, that they will quarantine in Maine for 10 days, or that they have already completed their quarantine in Maine. This compliance form must be provided to check-in at all Maine lodging, campgrounds, seasonal rentals, overnight camps, and other commercial lodgings, such as Airbnb. Visitors may be asked to furnish proof of the negative test result upon request.

Effective November 4, 2020, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey are no longer exempt. Effective November 16, 2020, Massachusetts is no longer exempt.