Video Transcription

Bryant Pond 4‑H Camp


Woman:  Welcome to Bryant Pond, home of the University of Maine 4‑H Camp and Learning Center. Operated by the University of Maine, our staff are caring, fun and professional, and are dedicated to providing the highest quality programs for all youth ages seven to 18. We offer camp sessions focused on natural resource education, outdoor skills, outdoor adventure, conservation and traditional outdoor recreation, preserving Maine’s sporting heritage.

Bryant Pond provides affordable, quality, outdoor learning experiences for your son or daughter. All young people get a chance to explore our natural world, swim and boat on our beautiful Lake Christopher waterfront, and have fun outside at our summer camp programs.

Girl:  Grab a paddle and come kayaking.

Boy 1:  The lake is beautiful.

Boy 2:  The water is nice.

Woman:  Scholarships are available for Maine youth. Our programs are designed to help young people build confidence, self‑reliance and stewardship for the outdoors. New programs for this year include Wilderness Filmmaking, Mountain Scrambler, Rockets and Robots, River and Rapids, and more. Back by popular demand is Warden Camp, as well as Pioneer Camp, for our first time campers to experience frontier living.

Boy 2:  We are here at Pioneer Camp.

Boy 1:  We get to make fires and live outside.

Girl:  We make baskets.

Woman:  We also offer Lakeside Leadership I and II, Ultimate Adventure, Bush Craft, Junior Maine Guide, and many other programs for teens. Enroll early, space is limited to ensure quality. Bryant Pond offers onsite camp programs as well as outdoor trips, including High Peaks Adventure and Rangeley Lake Canoe. The popular Primitive Path trains young people in survival skills and nature awareness. Primitive campers learn skills from fire‑making without matches, to cooking and living in the outdoors.

Lakeside Leadership opens the doors for your teen to live and teach in the outdoors, build a conservation ethic, and valuable leadership skills.

Man 1:  Our commitment to outdoor programming, and conservation, and environmental education for everybody.

Man 2:  With the current focus on getting kids and families outside, it’s given them growth, and confidence, and self‑esteem, and practical outdoor survival skills, and that’s all really at the heart of what we’re about.

Woman:  Bryant Pond 4‑H hosts the new Tech Wizards program, a mentoring project designed to bring youth from across Maine technology opportunities in the outdoors, including submersible robotics, digital media, GIS mapping and more. Special camps and weekend programs are designed to teach outdoor skills, team building, leadership and survival. Bryant Pond programs build lasting friendships and life skills for all young people.

Check out our website to view all of our programs, including Junior Maine Guide, which trains young people for the highest outdoor skills award in Maine. The University of Maine 4‑H Camp at Bryant Pond.

Children:  It’s so fun! [music]

Transcription by CastingWords