Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Onsite Programs

Our STEM programs use hands-on activities to teach creative problem solving, the engineering design process, critical thinking and communication. We can integrate STEM lessons into your schools’ program when you visit Bryant Pond. Topics include: rockets, trebuchets, bridges, and many more fun, interactive activity choices. 

Engineering Design

Solar Cars



Green STEM

Tech Wizards Program

2 Telstar Middle Schoolers construct an underwater remote operated vehicle

The Tech Wizards program, funded by a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), includes project-based learning, leadership development, mentorship and service-learning. The central goal is to increase the academic aspirations and social resilience of our participants. Young people gain valuable life skills, knowledge of applied science, and problem solving through real life projects. Programs increase youths’ knowledge of technology and STEM, and engage youth directly within mentoring relationships with caring, knowledgeable adults. Bryant Pond 4-H has begun its eighth year of programming with Telstar 7th graders with the lessons on circuits, electricity, and engineering.  Students will be designing underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs) to use for biological assessments of local lakes and waterways. 

STEM milfoil video