Summer Agriculture Workshops

The purpose of the Cooperative Extension is to give local residents access to the resources and expertise generated from the University of Maine. Through programs, publications and especially workshops. This summer is chalk full of FREE Agriculture workshops for all your farming needs. But what is so beneficial about going?


Answered Questions

There are always new ways to improve productivity or new questions to old processes. Each of the workshops we provide focus on specific topics that you may be wondering about!

Mingling and Marketing

All workshops we produce are led by farmers and other agriculture specialists. Providing the perfect opportunity to meet professionals in the field. Not only does this help promote the Cooperative Extension and local farms but it gives participants a chance to promote themselves as well.

Worth it

Majority of our agriculture workshops throughout the summer are FREE. Allowing an abundance of knowledge for zero cost.


Here is what we have going on so far!

  • Irrigation and Drought Management
  • Mechanical Weed Management
  • No-Till Vegetable Production
  • Vegetable IPM Field Tour
  • Pasture Management and Rotational Grazing
  • Finishing your Livestock

We are constantly thinking of new workshops and ways to bring what we learn out into the local community. And agriculture is just the beginning of what we have to offer! So stay tuned with all of our upcoming workshops through our website!

Happy Farming!