Author: phargest

Annual Flowers at this year’s Master Gardener Plant Sale

This year’s plant sale features a great selection of annual flowers for bedding and containers. Selections include wave petunias and geraniums in several delicious colors, white alyssum, blue ageratum, impatiens of varying shades, tall and short marigolds, blue or red salvia, snapdragons, mix verbena, and the favorite for every garden, zinnias. All come to us […]

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Jumping worms wiggle their way into Maine

Did you know? When threatened, jumping worms thrash wildly from side to side (giving them their nicknames the ‘snake worm’ or the ‘crazy worm’). If their frenzied thrashing isn’t enough to deter a predator, they can break off segments of their tail to escape. Introduced to North America in the late 1800s, Jumping Worms have […]

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