Expanding Your Horizons is a conference  in which middle-school girls participate in hands-on activities in math, science and engineering. The primary activities at the conferences are workshops led by adult women in STEM careers. The girls have fun in the workshops while they also learn about STEM and STEM-related careers and interact with positive adult STEM role models.  Girls also are able to talk about being a girl in a STEM field in a safe environment!


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At an Expanding Your Horizons conference girls will:

  • Have a great time with other girls
  • Take part in cool, interesting and fun science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities
  • Learn about great STEM jobs that are enjoyable, pay well and contribute to society
  • Meet women in some of those jobs
  • Learn how THEY can have one of those jobs in the future

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The Expanding Your Horizons 2019 Planning Committee

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies - Rising Tide Center Maine EPSCoR
Maine Science Festival
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Challenger Learning Center of Maine

Expanding Your Horizons 2019 would not be possible without additional support from:

Fisher Scientific part of Thermo Fisher Scientific UMaine Foundation