Expanding Your Horizons 2019 – Workshops offered (check back for 2020 offerings)

Simulating and Modeling the Natural World with Math and Computing
3D Printing and Cultural Preservation: The Machias Bay Petroglyphs
Plant Propagation
Studying Climate Change Through the Lens of Aquaculture
Will the real whole grain please stand up?
Entrepreneurship: Turn Your Passion into a Job
How the Tiny Zebrafish Fights Infection
What the Heck is Wrong with Your Plant?!
Understanding how and why the imperfect can be preferable to the perfect
Paper Making
Ecological Landscape Design
Build a floating wind turbine platform
Wood to jet Fuel
Shining Light onto your health
Public Engagement Tools in Conservation: A Wolf Conservation Case Study
Your brain and optical illusions
Intro to Creating Webpages
Modifying the MInecraft Experience with Blockly
Sustainable Farming in a Changing Climate
VEMI Lab Tour
Bridge Building
Plan it! Design it! Build it!