What can I do to control grubs in my lawn?


lawn damageI live on Vinalhaven island and we have been experiencing a lot of raccoon damage to lawns as they forage for something underground. I am told it is probably grubs, but I don’t know. My question is, can we do anything to control the grubs or whatever is the food source? I have tried Grubex last spring and the raccoons dug at the lawn in the fall even worse! They are doing a lot of damage, and in my nearly 40 years as a caretaker, I have never seen this.


Anna Low, Master Gardener Volunteer, Cumberland County 2012

The photo you sent looks just like other damage we’ve seen from critters digging up lawns to feast on grubs. We have a few links with helpful information:

You’ll notice the maine.gov press release above mentions specific timing for applying any grub pesticides. We suspect your spring application might have been a little early. 

You’ll also find information about reseeding lawns in the lawn section at the UMaine Extension Garden and Yard website.