Why aren’t my blueberry and raspberry bushes producing more fruit?


I have three blueberry bushes that I planted three years ago. They only produced berries the first year and nothing since. I add pine needles around them every fall. I have one of each: Bluejay, Jersey and Late Blue. What do I need to feed them or do I need more than three plants?

I also have three Latham Raspberry bushes planted three years ago. They are spreading well, but barely produce any fruit. They also have pine needles around them. We get maybe a handful from the three plants.


Frank Wertheim, Extension Educator, Agriculture/Horticulture

I would highly recommend that you start with a University of Maine soil test to make sure your soil pH and nutrient levels are adequate. Also you don’t mention how well drained the site is which is very important for berries nor how much sun they receive daily?  Good soil drainage and full sun are both important for optimal growth and fruitset.

Here is more information from UMaine Cooperative Extension, Bulletin #2253, Growing Highbush Blueberries and Bulletin #2066, Growing Raspberries and Black berries.