Would you please give advice on how to begin an overall landscaping design and how to purchase soil?


 I want to start planting perennials and some bushes and I need advice with:
1. Overall landscaping plan
2. What kind of soil to get delivered for the plants?


Abi Griffith, Horticulture Community Education Assistant

Start here – Designing Your Landscape for Maine. This Bulletin will walk you through all the things you want to consider as you start to plan.  When it comes to perennials, and landscape plantings, we suggest you find plants that have growing requirements that fit your landscape. We would suggest analyzing your property (as laid out in that bulletin), and even doing a soil test so that you can choose your plants wisely. But, you mentioned that you are in a newly built house, so, without a picture yet, I’m assuming that it is necessary to bring in topsoil (or loam) because the landscape has been damaged due to construction?

If you want to get topsoil, this can often be purchased by the cubic yard from a local nursery or landscaping business, which is much cheaper than buying it in bags. Since this is a long term investment, I would suggest reading Tips for Purchasing Soil for Gardens and Landscape Projects, since the quality can really vary. This walks you through everything to keep in mind, including how to get it tested if you need to.  We suggest you order from someone in your area to keep delivery costs and minimums as low as possible. You could also check with your new neighbors as they may be able to split a load or even get recommendations (or warnings) from them as well.

Also refer to Native Plants – A Native Source List for suppliers and nurseries that may be helpful to you!

All that said, if you think you may benefit from some more professional help, check out: