Are cucumber beetles the insects that are killing my squash?


I believe my garden is loaded with what looks like cucumber beetles. They are tiny flying beetles that are in the blossom end of the squash plant. They are killing the blossom and the squash itself. They are eating the leaf in a lace like pattern of tiny holes. They are in the cucumbers also.


Caragh B. Fitzgerald, Associate Extension Professor

The behavior and damage you are describing could be cucumber beetles.  To be sure, take a look at the picture in this fact sheet about striped cucumber beetles.  If you are not certain, feel free to send us some digital photographs or samples (instructions for insect samples).  The fact sheet outlines some control methods for striped cucumber beetles, including insecticides, if you choose to use them.  Some people also will try to hand-pick or carefully vacuum the beetles from the plants.  Strategies that might help next year would include crop rotation, using transplants, and using floating row cover until the crops flower.