Maine Home Garden News

ornamental apple tree covered with snow

Maine Home Garden News — January 2022

In This Issue: January Is the Month to . . . Sightings: Vole Runways Evening Grosbeak A Review of The Earth Knows My Name: Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic Americans by Patricia Elindienst (Beacon Press, 2006) Wabanaki Writings Reader Exchange January Is the Month to . . . By Kate Garland, […]

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red poinsettia

Maine Home Garden News — December 2021

In This Issue: Titles to Inspire Young Gardeners Wreaths and Garlands — Check Before You Buy Eastern Bluebird Tips for Growing Houseplants in Maine Series Send Holiday Cheer, Not Pests: Follow Out-Of-State Plant Health Regulations Practical Gifts for the Gardener on Your List Titles to Inspire Young Gardeners By Kate Garland, Horticulturist; Michelle Wright, RSU […]

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fallen leaves covered with dew

Maine Home Garden News — November 2021

In This Issue: November Is the Month to . . . Why Do Insects Have to Be Either ‘Beneficial’ or ‘Pests’? City Rat, Country Rat — Prevent Your Garden from Being a Source of Unwanted Rodent Pests Black-capped Chickadee Curbside Composting Programs The Winter Harvest Handbook, by Eliot Coleman (2009) November Is the Month to […]

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pumpkins and gourds

Maine Home Garden News — October 2021

In This Issue: October Is the Month to . . . Mushrooms on Lawns Obsolete Pesticide Disposal Vagrant Hummingbirds A Review of Northeastern Garden Book (Sunset Publishing Corp., 2001) Common Witchhazel (Hamamelis virginiana) Eye-Spotted Lady Beetle (Anatis mali) Reader Exchange — Making Lemonade Out of Lemons October Is the Month to . . . By […]

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Maine Home Garden News — September 2021

In This Issue: September Is the Month to . . . Eager to Expand Your Planting Space? Put Down that Rototiller and Start Layering! Fall Frost Tolerance of Common Vegetables American Goldfinch Pruning Clematis 101 Fall Soil Amendments for the Vegetable Garden Bringing in Herbs for Winter Enjoyment Reader Exchange — More Shade! September Is […]

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Tiger lilies

Maine Home Garden News — August 2021

In This Issue: August Is the Month to . . . Protect Your Yard and Garden from Deer Crazy Worms in Maine Why Can’t I Grow Gooseberries and Currants in Maine? Harvest Hints Reader Exchange: Got Sun? Stay in the Loop with What’s Happening with Maine’s Trees August Is the Month to . . . […]

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butterfly on coneflower

Maine Home Garden News – July 2021

In This Issue: July Is the Month to . . . Garden CSI – How to Think Like a Diagnostician UMaine Extension Debuts New Food and Nutrition Blog Farmer Donations of Seedlings on the Rise Cookbooks for Gardeners Black Swallow-wort, the Bane of the Garden Ornamental Pests Why Are My Cucurbits Wilting? Year of the […]

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Maine Home Garden News — June 2021

In This Issue: June Is the Month to . . . Extending the Peony Season Quick Tip: Grow More Basil from Cuttings Supporting Your Tomatoes 101 Five Basic Guidelines for Planting and Caring for Trees and Shrubs Now is the Time to Be Thinking About Saving Seed Featured Container Garden Year of the Sunflower Tiny […]

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A large display of colorful tulips at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden, Boothbay, Maine

Maine Home Garden News — May 2021

In This Issue: May Is the Month to . . . Pollinator Garden at the Langlais Sculpture Preserve Using Row Covers in the Garden Featured Container Garden Planting Chart for the Home Vegetable Garden Testing for Lead in Maine’s Soils Best Practices for Plant Sale Donors and Buyers in Maine May Is the Month to […]

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serviceshadbush in flower

Maine Home Garden News — April 2021

In This Issue: April Is the Month for . . . Tips for Purchasing Healthy Plants and Seeds, and Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species Ask the Expert Plant Rotation in the Garden Based on Plant Families You Can Grow Sweet Potatoes in Maine Plant Monster: Creeping Bellflower (Campanula rapunculoides) A Review of A Year […]

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