Maine Home Garden News

Shrub in flower in spring

Maine Home Garden News — March 2021

In This Issue: March Is the Month to . . . Calendar of Apple Orchard Management Activities Protecting Home Gardens from Mammals: Fencing Season Extension in Action Backyard Bird of the Month Proposed State Rules to Slow the Spread of Emerald Ash Borer Upcoming Learning Opportunities March Is the Month to . . . By […]

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2 bluejays in a snowy tree

Maine Home Garden News — February 2021

In This Issue: A Note from the Editor February Is the Month to . . . What to Love About Bare Root Plants How to Clean and Sharpen Your Pruners Show Your Love for Pollinators Maine Pumpkin Growers Organization Don’t Miss the “Heads Up” Provided by the Detection of a Browntail Moth Web in Smyrna […]

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Maine Home Garden News — December 2020 Special Edition

In This Issue: Letter From the Editor Contributing Volunteers & Staff Thanks for Sharing Your Successes! Bonus Article: Keeping a Garden Record Letter From the Editor Dear Maine Home Garden News Readers, While the Maine Home Garden News normally runs from March to October, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the bright […]

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autumn berries

Maine Home Garden News — October 2020

In This Issue: October Is the Month to . . . An Interview with Phil Gaven, Proprietor of The Honey Exchange Seaweed in the Home Garden Betty Lynn Carr Design Lessons from My Mistakes Leave the Leaves! Monthly features: What Is It? Ask the Expert Did You Know? October Is the Month to . . […]

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butterfly on autumn blooms

Maine Home Garden News — September 2020

In This Issue: September Is the Month to . . . Cocktails in the Garden — Pandemic-style Gardener Profile: Lisa Colburn Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer Wild Seed Project Profile UMaine Extension Offers Pollinator-friendly Garden Certification Monthly features: What Is It? Ask the Expert Did You Know? September Is the Month to […]

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basket of blooming annuals

Maine Home Garden News — August 2020

In This Issue: August Is the Month to . . . Gardener Profile: Carol and Vinal Smith Lead in Maine’s Soil Sphex pensylvanicus: The Great Black Wasp The Buzz of Bees Covid-19 Information for Farmers’ Market Shoppers Bees of Maine: Family Colletidae A Review of The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben (2016) Gardener […]

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Maine Home Garden News — July 2020

In This Issue: July Is the Month to . . . Lenore Tipping and Tom Spitz Label Interpretation Bees of Maine Oxford Garden A Review of A Field Guide to Your Own Back Yard by John Hanson (1999) Gardener Confessions: Mistakes, We’ve Made a Few… (Part 1) Monthly Features: What Is It? Ask the Expert […]

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Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Maine Home Garden News — June 2020

In This Issue: June Is the Month to . . . Gardener Profile: Herb Crosby Bees of Maine: Family Halictidae Doug Tallamy Invites Gardeners to Create a Homegrown National Park Growing Vegetables and Herbs in Part Sun NEW monthly features: What Is It? Ask the Expert Did You Know? June Is the Month to . […]

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Maine Home Garden News — May 2020

In This Issue: May Is the Month to . . . Conway Homestead Garden in Camden: A Dream Come True A Review of The Moth Snowstorm by Michael McCarthy (2015) Bees of Maine: Family Megachilidae Advice for the Transplanted Gardener Growing Potatoes in Grow Bags Building an Accessible V-Bed Garden Learning Opportunities for Maine Gardeners […]

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Maine Home Garden News — April 2020

In This Issue: April Is the Month to . . . Meet Your Farmers: Peter and Julie Beckford of Rebel Hill Farm, Liberty, Maine Pruning Raspberries and Blackberries The Garden Primer Tiny Swede Midge Causes Big Crop Damage in Maine Family Apidae, Bees of Maine A Note from the Editor Monthly features: What Is It? […]

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