Small Fruits


Selected Readings and Content

UMaine Extension Bulletins

UMaine Extension Videos

Additional Resources

Master Gardener Volunteer Training

Core competencies

At the end of these sessions you will be able to articulate and explain:

  • The critical components of a suitable site for growing small fruits
  • Fundamentals of growing strawberries; proper planting, early care, winter production and renovation strawberry beds; characteristics of recommended varieties
  • Fundamentals of growing raspberries and blackberries; proper planting, early care, trellising and pruning of brambles; characteristics of recommended varieties
  • Fundamentals of growing highbush blueberries; special soil needs, proper planting, early care and pruning; characteristics of recommended varieties
  • Types of pruning cuts (heading and thinning) and how plants respond
  • Why currants and gooseberries (Ribes family) are illegal to import and grow in parts of Maine

Practical Skills Gained and Strengthened

  • How to select and prepare a proper site for specific small fruit species
  • How and when to renovate a strawberry bed
  • How to trellis and prune brambles
  • How and when to prune highbush blueberries
  • Selecting, using and caring for appropriate tools for pruning small fruit