Tree Fruits


Selected Readings and Content

UMaine Extension Bulletins

UMaine Extension Websites

UMaine Extension Videos

Presentation by Renae Moran

Additional Resources

Master Gardener Volunteer Training

Core Competencies

At the end of these sessions you will be able to articulate and explain:

  • The critical components of a suitable site for growing fruit trees in the home landscape
  • The different species of fruit trees commonly grown in Maine and a major weakness for each
  • The selection process for appropriate varieties of fruit trees
  • Why and when fruit trees are commonly grafted
  • The difference between dwarf, semi-dwarf and standard sized fruit trees
  • Reasons why rootstocks are used in tree fruit production
  • Basic principles and purposes for pruning different kinds of fruit trees
    • Types of pruning cuts (heading and thinning) and how plants respond
  • Disease, insect and wildlife prevention and control methods

Practical Skills Gained and Strengthened

  • How to select appropriate rootstocks and varieties of fruit trees for specific locations and growing conditions
  • How to plant, prune, and care for fruit trees
  • Selecting, using, and caring for appropriate tools for pruning fruit trees
  • Identify resources to help with wildlife control in orchards