October 2022 4-H Newsletter

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A monthly newsletter for Hancock County 4-H Members

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Upcoming Dates| County News | State News | Leaders Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Dates to Remember

October 1 – Re-enrollment is open on ZSuite
October 2-8 – National 4-H Week
October 5-16 – Fall Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply Company
October 10 – Indigenous People’s Day – Extension Office Closed
October 11 – 5:30 pm – 4-H Leaders’ Meeting (hybrid)
October 21 – Cloverfest and Leaders’ Banquet Celebration
November 21 – County Re-enrollment Deadline

County News

A Thank You From Our Leaders Association – On behalf of the 4-H Hancock County Leaders’ Association, a gigantic THANK YOU! We had a successful fun year at the Blue Hill Fair in the 4-H Exhibit Hall, Food Booth, and Steer Ticket sales. Thank you to all the 4-H and community volunteers who donated countless hours working at the food booth and steer ticket sales before the fair and until it closed on Labor Day. We couldn’t do it without you.  A record year – we sold out of hamburgers and hot dogs by 6:00 pm on Sunday. Thanks to the food booth committee for their work months before and after the event. Carla, Leah, Andrea, and Sue, we could not do it without your continued support. We also would like to thank every business, club, 4-H member, and family that helped to make this fundraiser possible.

Photo Contest 2022 – There are some talented youth photographers in Hancock County! We wanted to extend a huge round of applause and thank you to the following 4-H youth who submitted photos this year:

  • Natalie J., Horse of Course

    Photo of pink lupine in a field
    “Lovely Lupines” by photo contest participant Macy B.
  • Ruby B., Independent
  • Macy B., Horse of Course
  • Alexis M., Independent
  • Courtney H., Horse of Course
  • Eva W., Horse of Course
  • Margaret Mae R., Independent
  • Raegen W., Horse of Course
  • Sadie M., Independent
  • Nayeli M., Independent
  • Zoe S., Rails N’ Trails
  • Finn M., Independent
  • Alyssa S., Rails N’ Trails
  • Harper J., Jolly Juniors
  • Tanner J., Jolly Juniors
  • Abigail D., Jolly Juniors
  • Olivia D., Jolly Juniors

You are all talented 4-H’ers and we are proud you are a part of Hancock County 4-H! All of the photos are currently on display at the Ellsworth Public Library until October 19. All participants will receive ribbons with the judge’s feedback during Cloverfest on October 21.

Leaders’ Meeting The next Leaders’ Association meeting will be hybrid (in-person or Zoom) on Tuesday, October 11th, at 5:30 pm. All 4-H Volunteers will now receive the zoom link in the newsletter email. Contact carla.scocchi@maine.edu for more info.

4-H Enrollment 2022-2023 – Another 4-H year begins on October 1! Re-enrollment instructions have been sent out via email.  If you are experiencing issues using the online portal, ZSuite, then please contact Andrea ASAP at 207-667-8212 or andrea.mahoney@maine.edu. so we can help you through the process.

Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply The Fall paper clover campaign will be held October 5-16, with the opportunity to donate to 4-H in-store and online. This year, stores are welcoming back in-person activities. We encourage clubs to take part in this opportunity and use it to foster community involvement.

Cloverfest/Leaders’ Banquet – Join us at Cave Hill Elementary School in Eastbrook on October 21 for our end-of-year 4-H celebration, time TBD. This year, we have decided to host Cloverfest and the Leader’s Banquet together as a way for our youth to get to know the people helping them behind the scenes, and for our leaders to see how their hard work pays off. Keep an eye out for your invitation in the mail and be sure to RSVP!

Sheep Supplies – Please contact the extension office if you are interested in some free sheep farming supplies. A local farmer is retiring and has offered to pass along some items she still has (feed pans, buckets, etc).

State News

  1. 2022-2023 Re-Enrollment Process
    There is a new option available for families for the new 4-H Year. Starting October 1st, families will have the ability to log into their account and complete their re-enrollment, as well as all required forms, online. If you were enrolled for the 2021-2022 year, you can simply visit: https://4h.zsuite.org/ – click “Forgot Password?” and complete the prompts using the email address you receive your 4-H communications to. There is a help menu that offers step-by-step instructions in the system, as well as live chat for questions. You are also welcome to reach out to your county staff or to the State Office at 4-H@maine.edu. If you would prefer to continue to complete paper forms, they can be found online at: https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/volunteers/forms/ or by reaching out to your county office.
  2. Independent Member Clubs!
    This fall county offices are piloting a new club specifically for independent 4-H members. This is a space for youth to come together and build relationships with their peers. We will share interests, projects, goals, and plans for the year and then reflect on our learning throughout and at the end of the year. This is also a great place to start if you are a new or recently enrolled independent member. We will meet 3 times throughout the year as a group with county staff. This will be a space for youth to foster friendships with peers and possibly come together to work on projects of similar interests. We are even hoping to get the group to brainstorm common interests and work together on a community service project! Register here! Meetings can be attended either in person or virtually and will be open to all ages. Dates are based on county/region.
  3. Habitat and Wildlife Management Workshop
    Come for an afternoon of outdoor fun and learning! Learn about fringe habitats and vegetation management, investigate herpetology hotspots, and explore wetland habitats and birds of prey. This workshop is co-hosted by the Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP), Maine 4-H, and CMP. While at the workshop, you can learn more about joining 4-H and WHEP! The workshop will take place on October 9, 2022, from 1-4 pm at the Bowdoinham Wildlife Management Area. This event is free. You do not need to be enrolled in 4-H to participate. Parents should expect to accompany their children during the workshop. For more information and to register, visit: Habitat and Wildlife Management Workshop.
  4. Public Speaking Workshop
    The Maine 4-H Communication Science Team invites all enrolled 4-H members to the October 19th meeting for an open workshop.  The meeting will be held via zoom from 6 – 7 pm.  Team members will teach tips and tricks to improve your presentation skills.  Please contact gray@maine.edu for more information.
  5. 2022/2023 4-H Volunteer Training Opportunities
    As we get ready for the new 4-H year, we are looking forward to offering a variety of learning experiences (both in-person and virtual) for our 4-H volunteers. Sessions are free of charge but require registration. Some sessions have limited space. Visit the 4-H Volunteer Calendar of Training Opportunities to learn more and register!
  6. Register Now for the 4-H Unconference
    UMaine 4-H Unconference will be an organized forum for 4-H volunteers, club leaders, afterschool providers, teachers, parents, and teen leaders to gather. UMaine 4-H Unconference is intentionally designed to have YOU teach and learn from each other. There is no agenda; you come with 4-H ideas and topics you want to talk about or learn more about, and we’ll guide the process to get folks into groups where YOU are the experts. Save the dates: Saturday, October 22nd, and Friday, November 11th.  Come to one or both. Registration and more information are available on the website.
  7. EFNEP Recipes: It’s Pumpkin Season!
    October is a month full of festivities and surprises, and the one thing that is constant is pumpkins! This month we have some great pumpkin-inspired recipes. Usually, we think of pumpkins as something we carve or bake into pies (which is a good thing too!), but this amazing fruit has a lot going for it, and it is actually a very healthy food choice! Pumpkins happen to be full of vitamins, including vitamins A and C which help your vision, strengthen your immune system, and can help reduce the risk of heart disease. They are also full of fiber and are low in calories. Here are some healthy ways to enjoy pumpkin this fall: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Muffins, or a Pumpkin Smoothie! For more delicious recipes, check out our UMaine EFNEP Mainely Dish Video Series. By Debbie Barnett (EFNEP CEA in Kennebec, Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo counties – barnett@maine.edu).
    **Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) offers FREE nutrition education classes to income-eligible adults with children, or young adults 19-25 years old, and if you are eligible for programs such as SNAP, WIC, or Head Start. Find out more online.**
  8. Update: The deadline for Free Raffle and Maine 4-H Teen Leadership Survey is October 11th
    Greetings 4-H’ers, I hope you are having a fantastic beginning to autumn. This is an invitation to complete a SHORT survey(about 30 questions/5 minutes) and enter a free raffle for a 4-H lunch tote or t-shirt (a total of seven items). The survey is for anyone age 11+ who has been active in any 4-H activity since 2017. The survey and entry window into the raffle will close Tuesday, October 11th!To enter the raffle, simply add your contact information (email, phone #, etc.) to any of your responses in the survey or send it to Andrew Hudacs in a separate email. Your responses will help Andrew and others in Maine 4-H learn about your interests, post-high school plans, and thoughts on 4-H leadership programs. The survey results will be used to improve Maine 4-H. If you are a 4-H parent or club leader, please ask each child age 11+ complete a survey.
  9. Androscoggin/Sagadahoc 4-H Monthly Workshops – Open to All Maine 4-Hers!
    Come join the Androscoggin and Sagadahoc counties 4-H program at their monthly workshops – on the Third Friday of every month (unless otherwise noted) from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at the Lisbon Extension Office at 24 Main Street. Anyone interested can contact Melissa Freeman or Cathy Gray to find out more information. Currently Scheduled Topics:
    – October 21, 2022 – Apples!
    – November 18, 2022 – Card Making
    – December 16, 2022 – Game Night
    – January 20, 2023 – “Getting the Word Out” Digital Marketing
    – February 17, 2023 – Short Film Making
    – March 10, 2023 – Spa & Relaxation Science
    – April 21, 2023 – Movie Premier Night
    – May 19, 2023 – Wool Spinning Workshop

Leaders’ Meeting Minutes

Hancock County 4-H Leaders Meeting of September 13th, 2022
~Zoom Meeting~

Present- Lisa Carney, Lee Sargent, Brenda Jordan, JoAnn Joray, Lisa Reilich, Joannie Jodrey, Elaine Gokey, and office staff Leah McCluskey (online). (6)

The Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports were accepted as written.

Club reports:

  • Horse of Course will be meeting soon and taking a trip to Cottontail Cottage sanctuary in Cherryfield. 
  • About the Farm has met three times and has studied different types of livestock each time.
  • Rails N’ Trails helped in the food booth and prepped for the Blue Hill Fair. They plan to visit an apple orchard and might go hiking. They are thinking of going to Equine Affaire.
  • Jolly Juniors helped out at the Blue Hill Fair food booth and will be raising money through community calendar sales.

Old Business:

  • Blue Hill Fair
    • Exhibit Hall- 71 exhibits and 29 exhibitors this year. 18 families inquired about 4-H, and Leah did a great job for her first year at Blue Hill! The sign needs to get repositioned to draw more people, and the hall may get rearranged with a door facing the food booth. Decorative lights for next year?
    • Food Booth- Sold out on Sunday this year! Thank you to all who helped cook this year. The sign needs to come down and get repainted; the Jordans may be willing to help.
    • Dwight’s Memorial Bench- over $500 was raised at the fair.
    • Photo Contest- Photos have not been judged yet. We may want to change the format of the contest. Make the photo contest due in October so it’s ready for Cloverfest, and add a photo category for fair entries. 
    • Steer tickets- Over 3000 sold, Steven from Bar Harbor won and will be taking the meat.
  • Style Revue- There are not many youth sewing right now, Brenda will see what we can do for May.

New Business:

  • Cloverfest- Combine with the Leaders Banquet?- Yes. We can host on October 21st at Cave Hill School. Need to decide on food; pizza and a potluck might be nice. We have water and soda left over from the fair. Educational program? Owls were popular. Brenda knows someone at Chewonki who might be available. There may be a juggler in Eastbrook for entertainment. We can send a “Save the Date” for Cloverfest, and mail printed RSVPs to participants.
  • Leaders Banquet- Combine with Cloverfest. Invite all who helped at the fair. Present the pins and figure out the food.
  • New Club “About the Farm” in Bucksport will be run by Jo Ann.
  • Elaine inquired about 4-H Awareness Days at Tractor Supply; Leah will check with national 4-H, and then reach out to Tractor Supply to see if they are still willing to host.
  • Election of Officers- Brenda is willing to be President, and Elaine will be Vice President. Lisa is willing to be Secretary again, and Terry will be Treasurer. Board will be Lee, Joannie, and Lisa R. Motion made and accepted.

Office Business:

  • Leah would like to visit your clubs, so reach out if you have a meeting scheduled.
  • Re-enrollment is coming up, it will be done electronically this year. Leah will send us the tip sheets for completing enrollment tomorrow. 
  • Paper Clover at Tractor Supply should resume this year; will we have an in-person presence this year?

Adjourned at 6:51

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Carney, Secretary