September 2023 4-H Newsletter

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A monthly newsletter for Hancock County 4-H Members

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Upcoming Dates| County News | Club News | State News | Leaders Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Dates to Remember

August 31 through September 4 – Blue Hill Fair
September 10 – Registration due date for 4-H Brave Spaces Virtual Club
September 12 – 6:30 Leaders’ Meeting
September 13 – 6:00 Lock Stock and Barrel Informational Meeting
October 1 – Re-enrollment Begins
October 1-7 – National 4-H Week
October 2 – Project Records Due
October 4-15 – Fall Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply
October 9 – Indigenous Peoples’ Day (Office Closed)
October 11 Registration due date for Maine Agriculture Ambassadors
October 18 – Photo Contest Due
November 20 – County Re-enrollment Deadline

County News

4-H at the Blue Hill Fair 

View from above of two girls, heads down in focus, coloring butterflies for a butterfly puppet activityWe want to share a massive thank you to all the 4-H’ers who submitted exhibits this year. It is so inspiring to see what youth can create when they take the time to express themselves and learn new skills. From fairy houses to incredible sewing projects and beyond 4-H kids really know how to impress!

We had five amazing judges this year who shared their time on a very wet day to provide great feedback on every project. We nearly doubled our projects from last year with 133 projects submitted, so this was quite a task! Thank you judges for always being dedicated to helping 4-Hers grow. We also want to thank all the families who helped us set up and decorate the exhibit hall this year. Your support does not go unnoticed.

Girl smiling at the camera standing in front of a large 4-H clover and holding up her award for gardeningWe also want to thank all of the livestock exhibitors. The responsibility the youth show with their animals and by educating the public is unparalleled. They camped overnight all weekend so they could be there bright and early to prepare their animals for the 4-H Livestock Shows. If that isn’t commitment, then we don’t know what that is.

It wouldn’t be the Blue Hill Fair without the 4-H Food Booth, which would not be possible without the incredible outpouring of support from 4-H Volunteers! The food booth is truly a herculean, volunteer-driven effort and we had another very successful year. All proceeds from the food booth go to support 4-H programming in Hancock County throughout the year.

Steer Ticket Results!

Thank you to everyone who participated or donated to the steer raffle. We’re still tallying up who sold the most and our total amount raised, so stay tuned to find out if Hancock County pulled their weight! The steer was graciously raised by Shelby G, one of our Independent 4-H members, and her family. Our winner this year was Thomas Mansir from Readville, Maine. Congratulations!

The Exhibit Hall

We had 43 exhibitors putting in 133 exhibits and receiving $1,345 in premiums.

Best Projects:

Animals- Noah R, 4-H Egg Business Project
Craft- Maggie R, Penobscot County
Flowers- Nayeli M, Independent
Jewelry- Alexis M, Wellness Warriors
Mosaic- Wyatt B, Independent
Music- Lily R, Penobscot County
Photography- Olivia C, Wellness Warriors
Sewing- Olivia C, Wellness Warriors
Weaving- Nayeli M, Independent
Writing- Owen C, Independent
Lynne Clement Award- Ruby B,
Best in Show- Noah R,
4-H Egg Business Project
Razor Crosman- Shelby G, Independent
Dwight Sargent Citizenship AwardRuby B, Wellness Warriors

Young boy smiling widely at the camera holding up his scrapbook with a large best in show ribbon Young boy holding up his handmade Dogman comic and best project ribbon, smiling widely at camera Girl with a surprised look on her face observing her best project ribbon attached to her photo of a frog

Livestock Awards:

Two girls holding sheep in a wide stance at the animal show ring with a judge looking on4-H Sheep Show:

Fitting and Showing Senior: Shelby GIndependent

Market Lamb: Shelby GIndependent
Grand Champion Ewe: Shelby GIndependent
Reserve Champion Ewe: Shelby GIndependent

4-H Beef Show:

4-H youth posing with 4-H staff member and volunteer after receiving livestock awardFitting & Showing Senior:
1. Shelby G, Independent
3. Emma C, Independent
Fitting & Showing Junior: 1. Amelia C, Independent

Senior Champion: Shelby G, Independent
Senior Reserve Champion: Shelby G, Independent
Junior Champion: Shelby G, Independent
Wilbur Wilson Memorial Grand Champion: Shelby G, Independent
Wilbur Wilson Memorial Reserve Grand Champion: Shelby G, Independent
Market Steer: Shelby G, Independent

Open Youth Horse Show: Hancock County 4-H Participants:

Alyssa S, Rails N’ Trails 4-H Club:

  • 4 red ribbons, 9 white ribbons.

  • First in W/T Key Hole, First in W/T/C Key Hole, Second in W/T/C Catalog Race, First in W/T Carrot Race, Fifth in W/T/C Carrot Race, Second in W/T Flag Race, First in W/T/C Flag Race.

Zoe S,  Rails N’ Trails 4-H Club:

  • 2 blue ribbons, 4 red ribbons.

  • First in W/T/C Carrot Race, Fourth in W/T/C Catalog Race, Third in W/T/C Flag Race.

Project Records

Tell us all about your 4-H year through a project record! We want to know what skills you worked on, what goals you set, and your thoughts about 4-H. Project records will be due to the office on October 2, 2023 so if you haven’t already, get started by visiting our project records webpage. As always, contact the office with any questions you may have!


Another 4-H year begins on October 1! Re-enrollment instructions will be sent out soon so keep an eye on your inbox! Re-enrollment must be completed by all volunteers and members by November 20. If you are experiencing issues using the online portal, ZSuite, then please contact Andrea at 207-667-8212 or so we can help you through the process.

National 4-H Week-We need your help! 

This year’s theme is “I love 4-H!” and we want to hear why our community loves 4-H. Everyone who participates will be put into a drawing for 4-H swag! You can complete this Google Form to share your journey.
Thank you for your help as we want to feature our local Hancock County 4-H community during National 4-H week on our facebook page.

Photo Contest Scavenger Hunt!

Baby boy with blueberries smeared all over his face and high chairThe August photo submissions were too good to share just one! Thank you to Marina and Essie for these awesome shots!

Join our monthly newsletter photo scavenger hunt! We encourage all 4-Hers to take inspiration from our monthly themes and snap the perfect pictures. Then, you can submit your photos on the photo contest webpage for a chance to be featured in the following month’s newsletter!

White chicken walking up a rampSeptember Scavenger Hunt Themes
– Fun at the Fair
– Going for a Ride
– Something New That You Learned
– What’s Going on in the Orchard?

Photo Contest

I know many of our 4-Hers have been participating in the Scavenger Hunt this year, but don’t forget about our annual 4-H Photo Contest too! The due date for photo submission is October 18th, but the portal to submit your photos will open September 1st! Check out our webpage to learn more about guidelines and how to submit.

Club News

Image of a scrapbook propped up with a big blue ribbon that reads club exhibit on itHorse of Course

Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, the Horse of Course Club was able to finalize and submit their club scrapbook to the Blue Hill Fair! Members were so excited to see that their hard work paid off and they were awarded a blue ribbon for their efforts.

Lock Stock and Barrel

Want to learn more about 4-H Shooting Sports? Please spread the word and join the club for an informational meeting and ice cream social on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:00 pm at the Blue Hill Rifle and Pistol Club on Range Rd in Blue Hill.

State News

UMaine Extension 4-H to offer sessions for aspiring volunteers in September
University of Maine Cooperative Extension will offer a two-part online informational session for adults interested in becoming Maine 4-H volunteers on Sept. 18 & 25, 2023 from 6 – 7 p.m.

“Start Your 4-H Volunteer Journey” will provide participants with information about the UMaine Extension 4-H youth development program through four short e-Learning modules. Attendees will also participate in an experimental learning activity, learn about the key aspects of positive youth development, and be introduced to ages and stages of youth.

A 4-H volunteer is many things – mentor, advisor, friend, teacher, referee, role model, pacesetter, and much more. As a 4-H volunteer, participants will have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children, teach them valuable life skills, help them thrive towards a positive self-image, and accomplish positive personal goals and a sense of accomplishment.

The two one-hour virtual sessions will wrap up with an outline of the next steps and an introduction to a county staff contact to help with the application process if desired.

Registration is required. The sessions are free. To register, visit our website. For more information or to request a reasonable accommodation, visit our website or contact Jennifer Lobley,, 207.255.3345.

Fall 2023 Maine 4-H Agricultural Ambassadors Program 

Who: This program is for all Maine youth ages 14 – 18.

What: This hybrid program will provide youth with an opportunity to connect to local agriculture, build relationships with industry professionals, develop professional and advocacy skills, and explore careers in agriculture. The 2023 fall cohort will explore careers and local agriculture through in-person field trips (limited transportation available), and by attending virtual meetings to grow their professional skill set (e.g. resume writing and interviewing skills). Additionally, youth will complete a personal reflective project exploring the role of agriculture and their future. This program includes mentoring in post-secondary opportunities as well as exploring current issues around food systems, livestock, crop sciences, aquaculture, climate issues impacting food systems, food equity, and more.

Why: The goal of the Maine 4-H Ag Ambassador Program is to provide experiences for youth to explore their interest in agriculture. The program focuses on.
– connecting youth with their local food systems and industries
– exploring the richness and diversity of the Maine food system
– developing “ag-vocacy” skills
– increasing access to career and post-secondary opportunities in agri-science and food systems.

Where: Virtually and in-person throughout Maine.


– Virtual Meeting Dates: October 18 & 25, November 1 & 15
– In-Person Meeting Dates: October 21, November 10, and December 2.

How: Interested in Joining? Register Online by October 11th

Leaders’ Meeting Minutes

Hancock County 4-H Leaders Meeting of August, 8 2023 (Zoom)

Present- (Zoom) Elaine Gokey, Lisa Carney, Lee Sargent, Lisa Reilich, Joannie Jodrey, Terry Swazey, Carla Scocchi (Staff).

The Secretary’s report for July was approved as written.

Club reports:

  • Horse of Course went to Open Farm Day. They made a fleece tie blanket and showed some of the visitors how to make one. They raised $50 for Bagaduce River Equine Rescue. They also sold raffle tickets outside a store in Deer Isle and raised more money. They are working on a community service scrapbook for the BHF.
  • Rails N’ Trails also went to Open Farm Day and brought the horses. They are looking forward to the Blue Hill Fair.

Old Business:

  • Open Farm Day Feedback- Horse of Course thought it went very well. The kids liked all the activities. Lee thought it went very well, the kids liked the horses.
  • Food Booth Schedule- Scott Leeman will cover breakfast from Friday to Sunday, but will not be available Monday. Andrea will send out a current signup list. 

New Business:

  • Activity Tent – Would the LA be willing to pay for supplies? Leah estimates that it will cost ~$128. Motion to spend up to $150; seconded and passed.
  • Cloverfest- Ideas about a workshop model this year shared.
  • Leaders Banquet/meeting- go out to eat at the Airline again.
  • Six youth signed up for the horse show.
  • The Exhibit hall door has been installed, and the whole building has been painted! The back door will need to be changed, the door and sill are all rotten. Terry was told it might cost ~$500 to replace. Now that we have another door, we could turn it into a window. We might be able to find a replacement window for free. We still need a path installed in front of the new door.
  • Exhibit hall judges lunches- Terry is willing to make salads for the lunches on Wednesday.

Adjourned at 7:32

Respectfully submitted by Lisa Carney, Secretary