November 2023 4-H Newsletter

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A monthly newsletter for Hancock County 4-H Members

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Upcoming Dates| County News | Club News | State News | Leaders Meeting Minutes

Upcoming Dates to Remember

November 8-9 – All Organization Conference – Extension Office Closed
November 10 –
Veteran’s Day Observed – Extension Office Closed
November 17 – 2:00 pm Ellsworth Library 4-H Workshop
November 20 – County Re-enrollment Deadline
November 23-24  Thanksgiving – Extension Office Closed
December 29  State Deadline for Re-enrollment-No Exceptions

County News

Cloverfest Recognition Celebration 

We have rescheduled our Cloverfest Recognition Celebration for this Saturday, November 4th, at 1:00 p.m.! This year, our leaders and staff have planned a fun-filled afternoon of STEAM workshops for youth to try out. From engineering minute-to-win-it games and aquaponics demonstrations to abstract art and a volunteer appreciation station, there’s something for everyone!Two girls building a cup tower using a rubber band and string


Another 4-H year began on October 1! Re-enrollment instructions have been sent out, so be sure to check your inbox! All volunteers and members must complete re-enrollment by November 20 to stay in 4-H.

If you are experiencing issues using the online portal, Z Suite, please get in touch with Andrea at 207-667-8212 or so we can help you through the process.

4-H After School

Young boy smiling at the camera while preparing to launch his candy pumpkin from his popsicle stick catapultThis month at the Ellsworth Public Library, join Leah in practicing your laboratory skills through a strawberry DNA extraction activity.

Last month, our group used teamwork and problem solving skills to build popsicle stick catapults, build cup towers, and rescue our gummy worm friend!

Every Friday from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m., the library will offer workshops for elementary and middle school youth. On the 3rd Friday of every month, 4-H will be the featured presenter. Hope to see you there!

Photo Contest

Our judges are working hard on photo feedback, but while we wait to announce those results, I’d like to thank all the youth who participated in the 4-H Photo Contest this year! The images you submitted were wonderful, and I can’t wait to see what you all capture in the future. If you’d like to see this year’s lovely submissions, take a walk through our virtual art gallery!

Photo Contest Scavenger Hunt!

Join our monthly newsletter photo scavenger hunt! We encourage all 4-Hers to take inspiration from our monthly themes and snap the perfect pictures. Then, you can submit your photos on the photo contest webpage for a chance to be featured in the following month’s newsletter!

November Themes
  • What I’m thankful for
  • Welcoming changing weather
  • My favorite food is…
  • Smile wide!

Aquaculture Education is Growing! 

Three women smiling at the camera while holding sea urchins over an aquaculture urchin tankHuge shout out to our Hancock County 4-H Professional, Carla Scocchi, for all the work she’s done bringing aquaculture education to our Maine youth!

“University of Maine Cooperative Extension has received a $750,000 grant to support the development and implementation of virtual reality and other innovative learning tools focused on aquaculture technology. The grant, part of an $8.2 million funding effort by the National Institutes of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to boost non-formal education, aims to increase awareness and understanding of Maine’s aquaculture industry among youth and educators.”

To read more about how Carla continues to advocate for aquaculture literacy in our classrooms and how your youth may be able to be a part of this innovative educational opportunity, check out the full article in UMaine News.

Club News

Lock Stock & Barrel

Image of a green and duck print quilt being raffled by the Lock Stock and Barrel 4-H ClubThe Lock Stock and Barrel for 4H Club will be doing a raffle for a fundraiser. The club will be raffling off a wildlife wall hanging along with a couple of other items. The raffle tickets will be available in mid-September, and the drawing will be in December. Tickets are $1 each or 6/$5. The club would like to thank Holly Gordon Lutz for donating material and making the wall hanging. Contact Becky Ames at 207.567.3066 for more information.

Horse of Course

The Horse of Course Club visited the Bagaduce River Equine Rescue on Saturday, October 21st for their October meeting. The members could groom Marley, Lark, Tommy, and 30+ year-old pony Nellie. We also had a blast visiting with the two donkeys, Blossom and Tillie.

State News

4-H Volunteer Workshops for the 2023-2024 4-H Year: We invite you to participate in our 4-H Volunteer Connections virtual workshops! Join other 4-H volunteers from the Northeast region to learn, share, and engage with one another on various topics related to 4-H. All workshops are free and offered via Zoom in the evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Topics include:
November 8 – Building Strong 4-H Clubs
January 10 – Creating LGBTQ+ Inclusive Programs
February 13 – Be a Positive Communicator
March 12 – Finding Space for Mental Wellness in Every Program
April 9 – Animal Science: Strong Relationships and Sportsmanship

Click here to register now! Come to one or come to all! We look forward to connecting with YOU!  

4-H Tick Project: The 4-H Tick Project is a community science project engaging K-12 youth and educators, made possible through a partnership between 4-H Youth Development, UMaine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab, Maine Forest Tick Survey, and members of the Learning Ecosystems Northeast partnership. The project provides youth an opportunity to explore ticks and tick-borne diseases, which is a connected story of climate, ecosystem change, and public health.

All educators interested in teaching about ticks in Maine are encouraged to participate in the project at no cost to you. This project is great for 4-H clubs, SPIN clubs, homeschool groups, and more. For more information and to register, visit the 4-H Tick Project webpage.

Leaders’ Meeting Minutes

Hancock County 4-H Leaders Meeting of October 10th, 2023

Present (5)- Lisa Carney, Terry Swazey, Brenda Jordan, Lee Sargent, Joannie Jodrey, and 4-H staff Leah McCluskey and Andrea Mahoney.

The Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge were recited

Secretary’s Report: The secretary’s report for September was accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report for September was accepted as read.

Club reports:

Horse of Course: next week is their first meeting
Jolly Juniors: No meetings yet. Figuring out a good schedule.
Rails N’ Trails has been disbanded.

Old Business:

  • 4-H Awareness days
  • Project Records- Terry will be judging; Jolly Juniors sent some in.
  • Photo contest- Due next week (Wednesday the 18th). We do need some judges if you know any photographers who might be interested. Maybe the person who teaches the art class for adult ed or UMaine art students? Leah will set up a virtual gallery of the entries after the contest.
  • I Love 4-H!- 4-H Bingo Card- do all activities to win a prize! Maybe a tote bag or tee shirt.
  • Steer- Greg Wilson will probably raise the steer this year; the Gross family will be next year.
  • Lee stopped at the banner place in Bucksport to design a banner for the steer, 2×6 feet long. It would be $110. Motion to purchase the banner; seconded and passed.

New Business:

  • Cloverfest Meeting at 6 pm
    • October 27th at 6:30 at HCTC
    • Schedule- 
      • 6:30- start
      • 6:45- ice cream
      • 7-7:30- awards
      • 7:30-8:30- workshops
    • Get sorbet or italian ice for dairy-free kids instead of ice cream.
    • Budget- $350. We have spoons, napkins, soda, and water. Need bowls, Lee will get from Sams. She will also get whipped cream in a can. Sprinkles. Terry is getting cherries and sauce. Brenda will also bring sauce. Need gloves for squid dissections; Brenda may have some. Everyone should bring their favorite toppings (gummies, crushed Oreos, Butterfingers, etc.)
    • Lee and Brenda are bringing cornhole. Brenda will bring ice cream scoops.
  • What was being held at Tractor Supply on September 23rd? Maybe we could participate next year?
  • Ellsworth Christmas Parade- do we want to participate this year? First Saturday of the December. Jolly Juniors and CHS have been asked to participate in Wreaths Across America, which is the second Sunday of December.

Office Report:

  • Thinking about sprucing up the newsletter- add a “find the clovers” feature.
  • Can now get a hard copy of the newsletter mailed to you, call the office, or check the website to enroll.
  • Andrea sent out the re-enrollment packets.

Adjourned 7:44