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4-H Exhibit Hall

The 4-H Exhibit Hall is a place for 4-H’ers to exhibit their projects to the public! We encourage all Hancock County 4-H’ers (club and independent members) to enter projects into the Exhibit Hall. Entries will be judged on the Danish system and members and clubs are eligible for cash premiums. Entry Forms are required.

More information about the 4-H Exhibit Hall, including the theme and entry categories.

Eastern States Exposition4-H Livestock Projects

It is very important that everyone get their animal approval forms into their county office by June 30, 2024! 4-H Members must be enrolled in order to show in any 4-H classes at the Maine State Fairs in that same year. There is also required paperwork that must be submitted by the deadlines in order to participate.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H livestock program has three goals:

  1. To provide opportunities for youth to learn and practice 4-H Life Skills and to develop good character.
  2. To teach young people to raise, train, fit and show an animal using the best practices identified by university research and industry.
  3. To provide educational opportunities for 4-H youth and the viewing public to learn about 4-H and all aspects of participation in the show.

Expectations of 4-H Animal Show Participants

In keeping with the goals of learning life and project skills and exercising good character, 4-H members in any animal project are expected to follow these guidelines:

  • The member must have worked with the animal enough to minimize disruption in the show ring. The member must be able to safely control their animal at all times.
  • Members will treat their animals humanely and meet their needs for food, water, and shelter.
  • The member is expected to have or be developing the knowledge and skills to fit the animal.
  • The member is expected to personally fit their animals for each show entered. No adults are allowed to fit or care for the animals after arrival on the grounds.
  • Members raising market animals must document all medications and adhere to all label and withdrawal time requirements.
  • Members are expected to follow all requirements for dates of possession and completion of lease and animal approval forms.
  • Members will be respectful at all times.
  • Members, volunteers, and parents must exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

4-H Danish System of Judging

The Danish system is a method of evaluation where a product or process is evaluated against a set of standards, and recognition is awarded on the degree to which the standard has been met by each competitor. In the Danish system of judging, the exhibitors are not judged against each other. In a “true” Danish system, the standard of excellence is the same for everyone regardless of age or experience. In 4-H, a “modified” Danish system is used that uses standards adjusted according to the member’s age and years of experience in the project. The Danish system is used in 4-H for ages 9-18 because it is a way to provide recognition to greater numbers of youth who may all be making significant progress in their projects. The Danish system is considered by the National 4-H Policy to be a competitive form of judging and is therefore not to be used for 4-H members under the 4-H age of 9.

In Maine 4-H, ribbons traditionally awarded by the Danish system are:

  • Blue – for excellence, exceeding the standards
  • Red – for good work that meets the expected standard
  • White – for work that falls below the expected standard

Evaluation of Cloverbud Activities

Cloverbuds, 4-H members ages 5 – 8, are not ranked or judged competitively. Cloverbud members will receive identical forms of recognition of participation for work exhibited in exhibition halls or for participation in non-competitive animal demonstrations, skill-a-thons, clinics, or other educational events. Although Cloverbud exhibits or demonstrations are not ranked or scored, it is important for the youth to receive feedback on their work. They may participate in a “show and tell” activity about their exhibit or receive written or oral feedback that includes positive encouragement and constructive suggestions for growth for their exhibits or animal activities.

“Future 4-H’ers” corner of the 4-H Exhibit Hall – Do you have a future 4-H’er in your family? A youth who is under 5 years old who cannot WAIT to become a Cloverbud? We invite future 4-H’ers to display their projects this year, too! Submit a project created by a future 4-H’er in any of the exhibit hall categories, accompanied by an entry card (filled out by an adult but dictated by the youth), and we will put the project on display in a special corner of the 4-H Exhibit Hall. Future 4-H’er projects will not be judged or are eligible for ribbons or premiums, but is a great opportunity for younger members of the family to practice their 4-H project skills and put them on display!

Blue Hill Fair Information

2024 Blue Hill Fair: August 29, 2024 – September 2, 2024

2024 Theme: “I Love 4-H!”

2024 Blue Hill Fair Booklet (PDF)
Blue Hill Fair Website
4-H Exhibit Hall Categories and Submission Guidelines

Blue Hill Fair 4-H Forms

Forms for entering projects in the Exhibit Hall:

  • Entry Form for 4-H Exhibit Hall (PDF)
  • Future 4-H’ers Exhibit Card & Project Questions (PDF)
  • Cloverbud Exhibit Card & Project Questions (5-8) (PDF)
  • 4-H Exhibit Card & Project Questions (9 and up) (PDF)

*Request that these forms be mailed to you by contacting extension.hancock@maine.edu or 207.667.8212

Forms for showing Livestock:

Volunteer Opportunities at the Blue Hill Fair

  • Volunteer in the 4-H Food Booth (Info and Sign Up)
  • Volunteer in the Exhibit Hall/Activity Tent
  • Photograph 4-H Shows and Events
  • Judge Exhibit Hall Projects or Livestock Shows
  • Help with fair setup and clean up

4-H Volunteers will receive free admission to the fair on the day of their volunteer service. Contact the Extension Office to make arrangements for volunteer work by August 12.