Spotted Wing Drosophila Alert: August 10, 2018

David Handley, Vegetable and Small Fruit Specialist; James Dill, Pest Management Specialist; Frank Drummond, Professor of Insect Ecology/Entomology

Captures of spotted wing drosophila (SWD) fruit flies in vinegar/yeast traps in raspberry and highbush blueberry plantings are now increasing in most locations, and at most sites counts rose above threshold levels, including one site with over 200 flies caught. (See table below.) The wet weather predicted for next week may further encourage SWD infestations, as these insects like moisture, and the rain will also lead to more rotten fruit in the field. Most summer-bearing raspberry fields are through or nearly through harvest, but fall fruiting raspberries and blackberries are now ripening and are very susceptible to infestation.  Later ripening blueberries and elderberries are also good hosts for SWD at this time. Growers with these crops should be putting on protective sprays. Pay close attention to product pre-harvest intervals and limits on the number of applications allowed for each product, to develop a management strategy that will be most effective for your situation.

Spotted Wing Drosophila Damage in Elderberry Plant
Spotted Wing Drosophila Damage in Elderberry Plant; photo by David Handley. Click on photo to enlarge.

For more information on identifying spotted wing drosophila and updates on populations around the state, visit our SWD blog.

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Town Spotted Wing Drosophila weekly
trap catch 7/27/18
Spotted Wing Drosophila weekly
trap catch 8/3/18
Spotted Wing Drosophila weekly
trap catch 8/10/18
Wells 0 0
Sanford 3 0 5
Limington 1 12 Trap down
Limerick 0 0 7
Buxton 5 0 11
Bowdoinham 1 2 34
Cape Elizabeth 1 18
Dresden 2 5 49
Freeport 0 0 2
Poland Spring 0 0 2
Mechanic Falls 0 0 2
Monmouth 0 2 20
Readfield 1 12 17
Wales 2 216
Farmington 1 0
Fayette 0 0 1
Wayne 0 0