Crop Resources

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s tree fruit, small fruit, and vegetable programs generate research-based resources for everyone from home gardeners to commercial farmers.

Below, you can find various crop images that link to lists of fact sheets, research reports, bulletins, videos, and external resources for a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops.

Results from research conducted at Highmoor Farm are intended to provide Maine growers with up-to-date growing methods, cultivar selection guidance, and cultural practice recommendations.

Many resources for the crops below are results from variety trials. The purpose of these trials is to evaluate varieties, particularly new introductions, for their adaptation to Maine’s northern climate and to ensure that new varieties have acceptable horticultural qualities. Such qualities vary by crop and market and include characteristics like disease resistance, field holding ability, production potential, and appearance and flavor. Varieties found to be consistently high-performing are also added to various lists in the New England Vegetable Management Guide (University of Massachusetts at Amherst).

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