Tree Fruit Newsletter — August 22, 2023

Close up of an Arkcharm Apple
Arkcharm is a summer apple that ripens in mid-August. This variety is not available from nurseries, so contact Dr. Renae Moran for scions. — photo credit Dr. Renae Moran

Apple Maturity at Highmoor Farm

Paulared apples are not quite at their best for eating, but some of your customers might like them this way. Starch index of 1.5.

Zestar! Starch index is 2.8. They are still starchy and lacking in color. Flavor should be good, based on how ours taste.

We have another summer apple called Arkcharm which is past its best ripeness and getting soft. Good flavor and color for a summer apple.

Summer Pruning of Peach Trees

It might be getting late for summer pruning, but removing a few shoots could improve flower bud formation and bud hardiness on lower limbs. Remove a few shoots on the upper branches if you want to save the lower ones.

Predicted McIntosh Harvest Dates

Sanford: Sept. 18
Turner: Sept. 23
Madison: Sept. 26
Caribou: Sept. 24

We are passing the window for using ReTain® to delay the start of harvest which is 3 to 4 weeks ahead of anticipated first pick.

To extend the harvest without delaying the start, apply ReTain 1 to 2 weeks before anticipated first pick, keeping in mind that ReTain has a 7-day preharvest interval.

To delay the start of harvest and to extend the harvest window, apply ReTain at 3 to 4 weeks and again about 10 days before anticipated first pick.

Harvest management and preharvest fruit drop | New England Tree Fruit Management Guide (

Messages from other growers

Blueberry plants for sale. For more info, contact Paul Peters at (207)-441-6250,


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