Tree Fruit Newsletter — June 5, 2024

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Chemical Thinning Apples with Accede

As we approach the end of the chemical thinning window, fruitlets become resistant to thinning with 6-BA (Maxcel) and NAA. A new thinner became available recently that has some thinning action when the fruitlet diameter is 15 to 20 mm. It is not an aggressive thinner on apples and can be used for ‘rescue’ thinning if previous applications did not thin enough. Apply at a rate of 23 to 46 fl. oz. per acre, but use lower rates if the high temps will be above 85 °F. It works better under slow drying conditions such as when applied at night when humidity is higher. At this time, there is little information on how well it works on a large scale and on particular varieties. It is not labeled for thinning of pears. Here is a link to the product label: AccedeTM_Plant_Growth_Regulator_Label

The Bottom Line

Liz Higgins writes a newsletter for farmers in New York, but some of the articles are relevant for growers in Maine.

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