Matted Row Strawberry Variety Trial Results, 2012

Highmoor Farm, Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station
David T. Handley
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
P.O. Box 179, Monmouth, ME 04259, USA

Strawberries: Sable varietyStrawberry production in Maine is limited by a relatively short growing season, severe winter conditions, and red stele root rot (Phytophthora fragariae). The market for strawberries is almost exclusively local and, because nearly all of the fruit is being sold fresh as either “pick-your-own” or at nearby farm markets, excellent fresh quality is essential. Demand for fresh fruit is strongest near concentrated population centers. However, suitable land for strawberry production is often very limited in such areas, requiring plantings to be high yielding in order to both meet demand and be profitable. There are presently no strawberry breeding programs in the northern New England region. Thus introductions from breeding programs in other regions must be tested in order to evaluate their adaptability and performance under Maine growing conditions and cultural practices.