Photo Gallery: Caterpillars and what they Become

Also worth a look: (May 2nd, 2024) Living with Caterpillars / “Caterpillar Season” by the Maine Forest Service


Our page also includes caterpillars for which we do not as yet have corresponding moth or butterfly photos | See also: Caterpillars of Eastern Forests [pdf] (USDA Forest Service).

Various Other Caterpillars (with links to other sites for adult-stage images):

See also: Caterpillars of Eastern Forests (PDF) (US Forest Service) and some examples of sawfly larvae which highly resemble caterpillars (scroll to bottom of page).

For a listing of butterflies in Maine (with photos), visit the Maine Butterfly Survey site. And, for a comprehensive listing of backyard tree caterpillars (with photos), check out the USDA Forest Service’s Caterpillars of Eastern Forests [pdf].

Links to Images of Adult Stage: