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Photo Gallery

WELCOME to our Photo Gallery of critters and pests–including plant diseases–that you might encounter in the State of Maine, especially those that like to live with us or visit us from time to time. Choose a category below.

Household Pests (click to see photos) / las plagas dentro de la casa / les parasites domestiques Decorative button for linking to our collection of ant pictures. Bees, Hornets and Wasps / Las abejas y avispas / Les abeilles, les frelons et les guêpes button for linking to our page with pictures of spiders
Vegetable Pests / Las plagas vegetales / Ravageurs des cultures maraîchères Fruit Pests / Frutas plagas / Fruit ravageurs Lawn, Tree and Ornamental Pests (click to see photos) Medical and Veterinary Pests / Médicos y veterinarios plagas / Médicaux et vétérinaires ravageurs
Aquatics / Insectos acuáticos / Les insectes aquatiques Beneficials / Los insectos beneficiosos / Les insectes bénéfiques Curiosities / criaturas inusuales que la gente se pregunta acerca / créatures inhabituelles que les gens se demandent environ button for linking to our page of Plant Disease images
Additional Photo Resources [más fotos] [d’autres photos]

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