Maine Extension Homemakers Newsletter, Spring 2021

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension Launches Newsletter for Extension Homemakers

Welcome to the first edition of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s Maine Extension Homemakers Newsletter. With COVID-19 keeping us apart, we hope this newsletter will go far in keeping us connected in the coming weeks and months. The newsletter will be published quarterly in January, April, July, and October. This first newsletter is either late, or early, depending on your perspective!

Mailing a newsletter is quite costly, and is not financially feasible, so we are asking that you access future issues of the newsletter by going to UMaine Extension’s Maine Extension Homemakers website. We will also be sharing selected articles on Facebook.

We hope you enjoy reading about what is going on around the state with UMaine Extension and with other Maine Homemakers.

Around the State

110 handmade face masks
Members of the Caribou Homemakers made and donated over 100 facemasks to Cary Medical Center in Caribou, Maine, in April of 2020 as the coronavirus was just getting started. Photo by Diane Parent, President of the Caribou Homemakers.


Valentine cards and candy
Valentines delivered to the Casco Inn Residential Care Facility by the Windham-White Rock Homemakers. Photo by Sharon Ashely.

From MEHC President, Bea LaPlante

As we are starting a new year, may it be one of safety and of getting back together with other homemakers. As we look back to 2020, may we have learned how to keep ourselves safe and healthy. When I lived in Japan, we wore masks whenever we were sick, and 2020 reminded me of that time, and how we got through our sickness together. Please know that we are with all our groups, and especially those who have gotten the COVID-19 virus and are recuperating. I would like to thank all the University Extension personnel who have helped the Homemakers survive. I am looking forward to seeing you all in the, hopefully, near future.

P.S. Thanks to all who have submitted their annual reports.

University of Maine Updates

The University of Maine System adheres to guidance from the Maine Centers for Disease Control and the Office of the Governor of Maine regarding COVID-19. That guidance continues to restrict gatherings where social distancing is not possible and requires individuals to wear a face-covering at all times. UMaine Extension offices across the state do not allow access to conference rooms and many have reduced operating hours. Because Extension Homemakers are an especially vulnerable group, meetings of any size in any setting are strongly discouraged.

Calling All Storytellers!

We would like to create a series of videos of Maine Extension Homemakers demonstrating a skill or talent that is important to teach to others. We would like to make 10–15-minute video stories highlighting talents such as Swedish weaving, or soap making, or cheese making, or drying herbs, making penny rugs, simple meal preparation, etc., etc. If you would be willing to take the journey with us down this path of video-making, please let your advisor know.

Mark Your Calendar!

Visit the UMaine Calendar to register for webinars or reach out to your advisor for help!

bunch of bananasIn Honor of National BBQ Month: “Grilled Bananas”

Wash bananas and dry. Place whole bananas, in their skins, on the BBQ grill over indirect heat. Turn occasionally, until outside is quite dark all around. Remove from grill and transfer to a plate. Carefully slice through the skin, lengthwise, from top to button. Use a spoon to scoop out the warm banana.

Remember This?

Did you ever own one of these? What is your favorite memory of using one? We will reveal more info about this vintage kitchen tool in the next newsletter!

antique butter mold
Photo courtesy of the National Gallery of Art. (Open Access image.)

Meet Your County Advisors

Angela Martin, Statewide support
Favorite craft: Sewing facemasks (lately).

Lisa Fishman, Aroostook, Franklin, Somerset Counties
Favorite craft: Baking; I don’t do crafts.

Cathy Gray, York, Cumberland, Oxford Counties
Favorite craft: Basket weaving

Zabet NeuCollins, Hancock County
Favorite craft: Papermaking.

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