Maine Hunger Dialogue 2017: “Food Waste and Recovery”

Hunger Dialogue Mission Statement: Engage Maine college students and campus communities in the fight against hunger by providing a platform that: 1) raises awareness of the issue and 2) provides opportunities for students to actively work to address hunger on their campuses and/or communities in collaborative partnerships with their institutions.

Day 1: Friday, October 20

  • Registration 12:00 – 1:00
  • 1:00 Welcoming Potato Buffet Lunch
    • UMPI Administrative Welcome
    • Goals for the Conference
      • History of MHD
      • Problem of Food Insecurity in Maine and US
      • Maine Food Insecurity Survey Report/Update
  • 2:00 Fighting Food Waste, Hunger, and Poverty with Alex Moore, DC Central Kitchen and The Campus Kitchens Project
    Where this movement has been, and where is it going?
  • 2:45 Break
  • 3:00 Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat of Fighting Hunger and Food Waste
    Student Experiences with Food Waste and Recovery: How to launch a Campus Kitchen and/or find the right solutions for your campus and community
  • 4:00 Student Fellowships, Mini-Grants and Sodexo Opportunities
  • 4:15 Sustainable Agriculture and Culture in Tanzania:  with Scarion Rupia, Community Development Specialist, Tanzania
    “Standing in the shoes of the farmer”
  • 5:15 Break (Check into Presque Isle Inn and Conference Center)
  • 6:15 Dinner
  • 7:00 Keynote: “Why the U.S. Has Hunger and How We Can End it (“Really’), Joel Berg, Hunger Free America
    “Why lack of jobs, low wages, and an inadequate safety net cause 42 million Americans to struggle against hunger. How we can build the political movement necessary to end the problem once and for all.”
  • 8:00 PM – Book Signing and Poster Session

Day 2: Saturday, October 21

  • 8:00 UMPI Welcome Breakfast
    • Words from Shirley Rush, Sukhwinder Bali, and Jason Johnston
    • Poster Session Continues
  • 9:00 “Sharing My Cookie”: Gleaning Farm Fresh Produce in Aroostook County, Dixie Shaw, Farm for ME and Catholic Charities of Maine
    When I was a little girl my father told me if you go outside with a cookie you share it with whoever is out there and I believe that has set the tone of my passion to work on supplying food to the hunger insecure folks of our county and State.
  • 10:00 Breakout Sessions
    • Visit to UMPI’s New Compost SiteJason Johnston, Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology, UMaine Presque Isle
      We will tour the compost site, and discuss how an emphasis on food waste can lead to thinking about food scarcity.
    • Solving Food Waste in Real TimeJonathan Chin, New York University Graduate Student – an app for solving food waste in real time
    • Hunger 101 Breakout Session Sally Slovenski, Maine Campus Compact and Katie Kracht, Maine Hunger Dialogue VISTA
      Addressing the impacts of food insecurity and hunger in higher education
    • Hunger Pains: Widespread Food Insecurity Threatens Maine’s FutureElliot Lee, USM Graduate Student
  • 11:00   Student Planning Session – gather by campus
    • Overview of Past Mini-Grants
    • Students Gather By Campus
    • Mini-Grant Project Outline
    • CKP Outline
    • Other Project Outline
  • 12:00 Campus Lightning Round
    • Share what they hope to do with bullet points and next steps back on campus
  • 1:00 – Food Pack Out and Box Lunch
    • Words from Credit Unions of Maine
    • Half the group eats while half does the packout and then switch
    • campuses load up with food boxes and potatoes to bring home and distribute
  • 2:00 Closing Comments – Next Steps
  • 2:10 Adjourn

*subject to change.

Sponsors: University of Maine Cooperative Extension, Maine Campus Compact, UMaine Honors CollegeUMaine Foundation, Maine 4-H Foundation, The Hudson Foundation, Good Shepherd Food Bank of Maine, University of Maine, Presque Isle

Corporate sponsors: Sodexo, Maine Credit Union League, Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center