July/August 2019

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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

July 1 Apply for Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors (MALE) membership/insurance

July 22 *NEW DATE* KLLA Meeting, 6pm, 4-H Yurt, Union Fairgrounds

July 19-21 ESE Horse Tryouts, Skowhegan Fairgrounds

July 19-21 Maine 4-H Days, Windsor Fairgrounds

July 31 Deadline to submit your club’s Gift Basket theme (contact Cindy Rogers)

July 31 Union Fair 4-H Livestock Show (Horse, Rabbit, Small Domestic Pet, Working Steer) entry forms due at the Extension office

July 31 Union Fair 4-H Individual Exhibition Yurt entry forms due at the Extension office

August 5 Last day to sign up with Extension office for 4-H Cloverbud Demonstration

August 6 4-H Union Fair Prep Party, 4-7pm, Union Fairgrounds

August 14 Club Exhibits can be installed in the Main Exhibition Hall, noon-7pm, Union Fairgrounds

August 15 Club Exhibits can be installed in the Main Exhibition Hall, 9am-7pm, Union Fairgrounds

August 15 Individual Exhibits accepted at 4-H Exhibition Yurt, 5-7pm, Union Fairgrounds

August 16 Club Exhibits can be installed in the Main Exhibition Hall, 9am-7pm, Union Fairgrounds

August 16 Individual Exhibits accepted at 4-H Exhibition Yurt, 4-7pm, Union Fairgrounds

August 17-24 UNION FAIR

2 working steer

4-H Schedule at Union Fair:

Saturday, August 17–Saturday, August 24
11:00am-5:00pm    4-H Farm-to-Fair (4-H Barn Area)

Wednesday, August 21
9:00am                     4-H Horse Show (Riding Ring)

Thursday, August 22
9:00am                    4-H Rabbit Show (4-H Barn Area)
4:00pm                    4-H Small Domestic Pet Show (Sherman Park)

Saturday, August 24
8:30am                    4-H Working Steer Show (Pulling Ring)
1:00pm                    4-H Cloverbud Demonstrations (Livestock Show Ring)
2:00pm-6:00pm     Exhibits must be removed from Yurt

July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Liberty Leavitt, Cora Casas, Keiran Roopchand, Sabrinnah Dube, Amariah Glaude, and Emma Allen!

August Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Ellie Flagg, Paige Green-Morse, and Ava Sprowl!

Clubs/Community Groups Sought as 4-H Farm-to-Fair Volunteers

Do you know any community groups, civic organizations or businesses that might offer volunteer groups for our 4-H Farm-to-Fair exhibit at Union Fair in August? Does your club want to take a shift? Shifts are each day of the fair, 11am-2pm and 2-5pm. Please contact Kathryn or Cindy Kathryn.a.jensen@maine.edu,  cynthia.rogers@maine.edu, 207.832.0343.

Union Fair Volunteer Opportunities

As always, there will be many opportunities at Union Fair 2019 to help your 4-H program. In addition to livestock show days that you may already be participating in, entry passes will be provided for days that you sign up to help. 2-3 hour shifts are available and adults and youth can help out. (Read about the 4-H Union Fair Prep Party below for one way to help!)

Two places where we need the most people to take shifts during the fair are at 4-H Farm-to-Fair and at the 4-H Exhibition Yurt. Sign up as an individual, a family or a club! You DO NOT need leader certification to volunteer in these positions and youth can sign up as well. Invite your friends and family! Contact cynthia.rogers@maine.edu, 207.832.0343.

Come to the 4-H Union Fair Prep Party

Help get the 4-H areas of Union Fairgrounds ready for Union Fair 2019! If you can, bring rakes, shovels and cleaning supplies, although some will be available. Sandwiches and water will be provided at the end of the night. Tuesday, August 6 from 4-7pm.

2019 Union Fair Important Information

The 2019 4-H Union Fair Information Booklet is now available on the Knox-Lincoln UMaine Extension website. Click here to view and download: https://extension.umaine.edu/knox-lincoln/4h/union-fair/ This is where you will find information, guidelines and entry forms you will need for entering 4-H Exhibits and Animal Shows at Union Fair.

Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors Membership Requirement

If you plan to show livestock and have not already applied for this membership, do so immediately so you might receive your membership card in time for Union Fair!

Anyone showing livestock at Maine fairs who cannot show proof of a farm insurance policy (with the exhibitor’s name on the certificate) with a coverage level the same as or better than that offered by MALE is required to prove current membership in MALE. Apply online for an individual or a family, making sure that you are applying for the for 2019-2020 season.

Enter the Knox-Lincoln 4-H Photo Contest

Get your entries ready for the Knox-Lincoln 4-H Photography Contest 2019! Any Knox-Lincoln 4-H member age 9 and up who brings one or more single photographs (not photo stories/collages) to be entered into the Exhibition Yurt at Union Fair will be asked if they wish to also be entered into the photography contest. Entries (whether entered in Union Fair or not) will be accepted at the KL Extension office in Waldoboro through September 30, 2019. Members can enter photos taken between October 1, 2018 and September 30, 2019. Go to https://extension.umaine.edu/knox-lincoln/4h/photography-contest/ for more information, or contact Cindy Rogers at 207.832.0343 or cynthia.rogers@maine.edu.

Gift Basket Fundraiser for KLLA at Union Fair

This year’s fundraiser raffle at Union Fair to benefit Knox-Lincoln 4-H will once again feature themed gift baskets filled with quality items donated or made by KL 4-H clubs. Each club is asked to come up with a theme for the club basket and notify Cindy Rogers (207.832.0343, cynthia.rogers@maine.edu) of the theme by July 31. Then the club should fill a large basket or other container with items relating to the theme as a prize for the raffle. We ask that these items be new and high-quality or handmade by 4-H club members, with a total basket value of at least $50.

Ideas for a basket might be a pet care basket, a jams and jellies basket, a scrapbooking basket, a family games basket, a Made in Maine basket…etc. Remember that the basket should appeal to a broad public audience, not necessarily matching your club’s focus. Think about what will sell lots of tickets!

picture of cookware raffle prize    photo of lunch bag raffle prize

Independent members and volunteers: please contribute items to your choice of 2 baskets, both of which are located at the Knox-Lincoln UMaine Extension office:

  1. Kitchen Basket (above left)-We’ve started with 2 pieces of cookware, a spatula set, glass measuring cups, chef’s knife. Ideas for items to add: recipes, an apron, dishcloths, gadgets, etc.
  2. Lunch-on-the-Go Basket (above right)-We have an insulated backpack and two smaller insulated lunch bags (one with bento-style box inside) and a steel water bottle. Ideas for items to add: napkins, non-perishable snacks, utensils, small freezer packs, etc.

Sign Up for Cloverbud Demonstrations by Aug. 5

Cloverbud 4-H members (4-H age 5-8 years) may participate in a non-competitive animal or non-animal “demonstration show” in the Livestock Show Ring at Union Fair on Saturday, August 24.

Animal Demonstrations: Cloverbud animal demonstrations may be done with a rabbit, dog, poultry, kid goat, non-market lamb, piglet, or small calf. One-on-one supervision by an adult or older teen with at least 3 years of experience maintaining primary control of the animal is required. Older 4-H members or adults will interview the younger children while they are demonstrating.

All animal and non-animal demonstrations must be approved by 4-H staff prior to the fair. Please email cynthia.rogers@maine.edu or pamela.doherty@maine.edu or call 207.832.0343 to sign up for demonstrations by August 5, 2019. See Union Fair Information Book for details.

Animal Science Resources Available

In order to provide more support for youth enrolled in animal science projects, UMaine 4-H has provided each county office a set of resources from Ohio State University that leaders and members may borrow for use in their 4-H programs. The Knox-Lincoln office now has a single copy of five different 4-H animal science resource publications on the following projects: Beef, Dog, Goat (combined meat and dairy), Horse, and Sheep. These resources are widely used in 4-H programs and are highly recommended for youth and volunteers. Come in to the office during our normal business hours to take a look at these publications

State 4-H Office Core Newsletter

4-H Horse Show at Union Fair: Maine 4-H Horse members: You are invited to participate in the 4-H Horse Show at Union Fair on Wednesday, August 21 starting at 9:00 am at Union Fairgrounds in Union, Maine. Open to all 4-H members, 4-H ages 9-18, in the State of Maine who are enrolled in a 4-H Horse Project. For more information and entry form, visit http://unionfair.org/  to download the Premium Book under Information>Printable Documents. Questions? Contact Pamela Doherty, 207.832.0343, pamela.doherty@maine.edu.

4-H National Trip and CWF Winners: We recently held interviews for National Trips. Please join us in Congratulating the following winners for this year’s National Trips and also the delegates selected to attend 2019 Citizenship Washington Focus. We are proud to have you represent Maine 4-H!

Four Winners for National 4-H Congress will be headed to Atlanta, GA on November 29-December 3, 2019. Representing Cumberland County will be Don S, Matthew D., and from Kennebec County will be Andrew D., from Piscataquis County will be Gabrielle H, and the 1st Alternate is from Waldo County, Abbie K.

Four Winners for National 4-H Conference will travel to the National 4-H Center in Washington DC on March 28-April 2, 2020. Representing Cumberland County will be Natalie D., and Lauren P., and serving also from Cumberland County is 1st alternate Alyvia C., from Androscoggin-Sagadahoc will be Jordyn M., and from Piscataquis County will be Ingrid H.

Thirty Delegates for Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) traveled to Washington DC on June 29-July 6, 2019. Delegates include: from Cumberland County: Emma H., Alyvia C., Aidan E., Eliana B., Nimo A., Marwo S., Salima K., Plamedia N.; from Somerset County: Mackenzie J., Abigail G.; from Knox-Lincoln County: Sadie O., Jeremy D., Savannah D., Nathan D.; from Oxford County: Marina L.; from Franklin County: Jack S., Johathan C., Alexis M.; from Piscataquis County: Tyler L., Susannah H.; from Penobscot County: Elizabeth D.; and from Androscoggin-Sagadahoc: Marissa M., Maddie G., Reginald B.