October 2019

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Upcoming Events and Important Dates

October 1 Start of 4-H year 2020

October 9-20 Fall 2019 Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply Stores

October 11 Award Nominations due from leaders

October 15 KLLA Meeting, 6pm, Extension office

October 21 RSVP for 2019 4-H Achievement Celebration (Nov. 3)

November 3 2019 4-H Achievement Celebration, 2-4pm, Knox-Lincoln Extension office

November 15 Leaders: File Your Club’s e-postcard with the IRS

November 19 KLLA Meeting, 6pm, Extension office

November 29-Dec. 3 National 4-H Congress, Atlanta, GA

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to Andrew A., Justin B., Orianna B., and Pearl B.!

4-H Achievement Celebration November 3

Plan to attend the 2019 Knox-Lincoln 4-H Achievement Celebration on Sunday, November 3, 2-4pm at the Knox-Lincoln Extension office in Waldoboro. It is time to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our 4-H members with awards and an hors d’ouevres soirée!  Potluck appetizers requested. Remember to RSVP by October 21.

Enter the Fall Centerpiece Contest!

4-H members are invited to create their best Fall-Themed table centerpiece and bring it with you to the 2019 4-H Achievement Celebration at the Knox-Lincoln Extension office in Waldoboro on Sunday, November 3. Everyone attending will be able to vote for their favorite design. The creators of the top three vote-getters will receive a prize!

For 4-H youth members currently enrolled in Knox or Lincoln Counties. One entry per 4-H member. We hope to see you on November 3 with your Fall-Themed creation!

File Your Club’s E-postcard by November 15

If you are a 4-H Club Leader, please remember to file your annual e-Postcard (form 990N) with the IRS by November 15. The process has been streamlined in recent years and should result in fewer error messages. Even if you have had trouble filing the e-Postcard in the past, please file with this new, easier system. You can use the instructions on the Extension website under https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/volunteers/policies-procedure-and-guidelines/table-of-contents/policies-for-volunteers/ or download IRS Publication 5248 (PDF) to file. The filing period is July 1-Nov. 15. Please remember to print your confirmation and send a copy to this office. Thanks!

Animal Science Resources Available

In order to provide more support for youth enrolled in animal science projects, UMaine 4-H has provided each county office a set of resources from Ohio State University that leaders and members may borrow for use in their 4-H programs. The Knox-Lincoln office now has a single copy of five different 4-H animal science resource publications on the following projects: Beef, Dog, Goat (combined meat and dairy), Horse, and Sheep. These resources are widely used in 4-H programs and are highly recommended for youth and volunteers. Come in to the office during our normal business hours to take a look at these publications

Raise Funds for Your Club and County at Tractor Supply Event!

The Fall 2019 4-H Paper Clover Campaign at Tractor Supply Co. Stores will take place October 9-20. During this time, TSC customers can purchase paper clovers at the register for $1 each to support 4-H nationally and in our counties! We encourage clubs and independents to participate in this event at the TSC store closest to you. It’s been proven that in-store participation with 4-Hers increases donations! Hold a bake sale, do an animal or science demonstration, or provide a carry-out service for customers any time during this campaign. Use your creativity! Contact the store manager if you are planning to participate at your local store.

A Word from a Camp Scholarship Recipient

KLLA makes funds available annually to Knox-Lincoln 4-H members to help with the cost of camps and other learning experiences. One recipient of scholarships from KLLA tells us about the programs she experienced.

Hello everyone, my name is Sadie O. This summer I received a scholarship from the Knox/Lincoln Leaders Association so that I could attend the 2019 Kirk Steirwalt Clinic at Casa Cattle Co. The clinic was taught by Kirk Steirwalt, a prestigious beef cattleman from Oklahoma. Kirk is also a representative from the Weaver Leather Livestock company.

The first day of the clinic I learned about clipping, washing and the proper usage of beef cattle grooming products. On the second day of the clinic we learned about cattle nutrition to help improve your cattle. This clinic also has helped me to become friends with some of the other 4-Hers in the beef program. I learned a lot of information as well as tips and tricks that I need to know as I pursue my interest in beef cattle.

I would like to thank the Knox/Lincoln Leaders Association again for helping to make this experience possible for me.                                 —Sadie O.

State 4-H Office Core Newsletter

2020 Maine 4-H Intent to Sell a Market Beef Project at Fryeburg Fair: 4-Hers raising a steer for the 2020 market steer show at Fryeburg Fair need to send in an Intent to Participate Form available at: https://extension.umaine.edu/4h/youth/4-h-projects/animal-science-resources/beef/ by November 1, 2019. The intent form will advise the State 4-H Office which steers need to be tagged. Once we receive your intent form you will be contacted by a staff person from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to make an appointment for someone to come to your barn and tag your project animal.

As always Fryeburg Market Steers must be owned and in possession by the 4-Her by January 1. But we understand that many of you will have your market steers before January 1st so we are hoping to tag more of the project animals before the winter travel becomes more difficult. We are grateful for the staff from the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry for helping us with the tagging and we are hoping the earlier intent form date will allow for safer travel during the winter months. You can also enroll or re-enroll as a 4-H member when you send your Intent to Participate form to your county office. We appreciate you completing this form as early as possible and are encouraging everyone to help spread the word about the new earlier date for the intent form. If you have specific questions please contact your local county Cooperative Extension Office.