Personal Money Values Video Series

Explore the rich tapestry of farming life and financial wisdom through our engaging Personal Money Values video series. Join experienced farmers as they share their personal journeys and invaluable insights on a variety of essential topics, including beliefs about money, financial planning, starting and growing a farm, open communication about finances, advice for aspiring farmers, and retirement considerations. Delve into the heart of farm management and financial wellness as our series offers practical guidance, heartfelt anecdotes, and timeless advice for farmers at every stage of their journey.

Farmer Introduction

Real farmers with experience. Meet the four farmers who are integral to the Farm Coaching: Personal Money Values series.

Beliefs About Money

Pay yourself every month. Money stress never feels good. Where did you learn about money? Farmers share where their beliefs about money started.

Financial Planning

Separate farm and personal bank accounts. Have heart-to-heart conversations about what you want financially for the farm and for life. Farmers share how they approach financial planning.

Getting Started in Farming

Talk to other farmers to see how they did it. Have a business that sustains you and your crew. Start small. Farmers share how farms got started and grew.

Talking About Money

Have a regular meeting to talk about details and how you feel about it. Talk it over as a team when things come up. Communicate when your desires for the farm change. Farmers share why talking about money is important and drives decision-making.

Advice to My Younger Self

Ideas that we wish we had known early – from credit card use to planning out the farm season. Also, how to consider what makes your farm ‘successful’ and how to plan for vacations. Farmers share what would have been good to know.


Consider what retirement might look like and how different strategies might work for you. Discussions of succession planning and asset management. Farmers share what’s worked for them.