Farm, Team, and Family


Parenting and Caregiving

Health and Well-Being

  • Maine AgrAbility – works with Maine farmers with chronic health conditions and disabilities to gain more control over their lives, continue to farm successfully, and live independently.
  • FarmFamily Insurance – can be accessed by becoming a member of the Maine Farm Bureau.
  • MaineCare – provides access to free or low-cost health insurance for pregnant women, children, and income-eligible families.
  • Agricultural Mediation – can help with problem solving, planning, and working through difficult conversations with a partner, family member, land owner, employer, or USDA agency representative.
  • Helping farmers cope with stress – a web page with facts and ideas.

Farm Safety and Youth

  • The Cultivate Safety – website was produced by the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety (NCCRAHS). The mission of NCCRAHS is to, “enhance the health and safety of all children exposed to hazards associated with agricultural work and rural environments.”
  • SAY National Clearinghouse – has lots of information about how to teach skills about animal and tractor safety, blind spots, ladders, and much more.
  • Great information from Penn State University including ages and stages and appropriate tasks specifically geared for kids and agriculture.


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Finding Balance with Farm and Family Living