Maine Agricultural Mediation Program

Because sometimes having a third party present can help a conversation move forward.

hoophouse and woman farmer picking fresh produceMediation is a voluntary and confidential process for resolving disputes where a neutral intermediary helps conflicting parties have a conversation. 1

Mediation can help people be proactive with planning and/or help minimize the stress related to conflict as well as the high cost, and drawn-out process of litigation. Unlike going to court, you can have control over the outcome and a chance to create customized mutually beneficial solutions.

The Maine Agricultural Mediation Program can talk with you about priorities, goals, and decision-making as you navigate changes in the future of the farm, immediate markets, and relationships with lenders.

About Us and FAQs: Overview of Maine Agricultural Mediation Program (MAMP)

If MAMP can be of any assistance, please contact us by phone, at 207.581.3487 or email at or by completing the form on the Request Mediation page.

1 — Definition of Mediation adapted from Beer, Jennifer E., and Caroline Packard. The Mediator’s Handbook, 4th ed., New Society Publishers, 2019.

— The Maine Agricultural Mediation Program is a USDA Farm Service Agency Program —