Sustainable Agricultural Programs

Penobscot County
Number of farms 706
Av. size of farms 172 Acres
Market value of products sold $42,523,000
Av. per farm $60,231
Market value of selected products
Mixed vegetables inc. potatoes $6,067,000
Cattle & calves $2,010,000
Nursery, greenhouse $1,876,000
Other crops inc. hay $1,771,000

Below are just a few areas that we can discuss with you. Call to make an appointment to talk about your areas of interest.

  • Soil Testing
  • Commercial Sustainable Agriculture
  • Small-Scale Farming
  • Pasture Walks and Grazing Information
  • Livestock production
  • Marketing Farm Products
  • Pesticide Application and Recertification
  • Pest Identification Information

So, You Want to Farm In Maine?
A course for people thinking about starting a farm enterprise.

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