ELT Minutes, May 30, 2012

Meeting was conducted by Google+ Hangout for all members and guests

Facilitator: Jon Prichard
Note taker:
John Rebar
Dennis Harrington, Lisa Phelps, Jonathan Prichard, John Rebar, and Francine Sulinski.
Michele Lodgek


  • On June 19, Fran will conduct training for camp counselors at Tanglewood on sexual harassment training and handling difficult situations.
  • The UMS-Board of Trustees has approved the leases for Bryant Pond and Blueberry Cove. The camp boards need to now sign off on the agreements.
  • The upcoming 4-H PLT meeting will be at Blueberry Cove in Tenants Harbor.

Centralized Database Management System:

Michele Lodgek joined the meeting to provide an update on the centralized database management system. An actual demonstration of the system can be done for the ELT. Once the system has been implemented and it’s secure, we can migrate data into the system but we want “good” data that is accurate and up-to-date. Staff training will be a significant need. Michele is creating a staff-training plan and will be sharing the plan with Lisa in the near future. The new system will be required of all staff in all locations and programs across the state. The ELT is grateful for Michele’s leadership. This will be an exciting new tool that will add capacity and efficiency to the management of data. It is paramount that Extension makes all reasonable and prudent efforts to protect the integrity and security of any data we obtain from customers. This new system is following all UMS protocols for security.

Higher Education Bond:

The citizens of Maine will have the opportunity to vote on the higher education bond that if passed, will provide $7.8 million for the creation of a new Animal and Plant Diagnostic Laboratory for UMaine.

Professional Search Process and the Role of the Director:

When a professional position reports directly to an ELT member, the Director will be part of the search process. When a professional reports to a faculty member or another professional, the PA will be the administrative support of the search process. The location of the interviews can be flexible and situational depending on what will work best for our organization. The decision regarding location of interviews will be made by the PA, the Assistant Director and Director working together.

Change in ELT Date:

The group changed the July 31st ELT meeting date to July 25. The meeting will take place in Augusta.


The ELT reaffirmed that the current policies and practices regarding UM Extension clothing will continue. If a staff member has a special order of a specific quantity of a clothing item, they should contact Jen O’Leary on how to move forward.

Status on searches as of May 29, 2012

  • POS#193 Communications Technology Professional – Offered and accepted
  • POS#195 Tech Wizard Assistant – Offered
  • POS#197 Parent Education Professional — Waldo – Failed search
  • POS#198 4-H Professional – York – Screening on 5/29
  • POS#199 4-H Professional (Campus) – Telephone interviews 5/29
  • POS#201 Program Development & Marketing Professional – Screening 5/29
  • POS #202 AgrAbility Professional – Screening 5/23