ELT Minutes, July 12, 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012
102B Libby Hall, Orono
9:00 am to 3:30 pm

Facilitator: Fran Sulinski

Note taker: Lisa Phelps

Present: Fran Sulinski, Lisa Phelps, John Rebar, Jon Prichard, and Dennis Harrington.

Please note: Due to the confidentiality and sensitivity of some agenda items, these ELT minutes do not represent the full content of each meeting.

Classified Staff PDQ Process: Hourly Employee Classification and Compensation Process (HECCP): Approximately three (3) years ago, hourly employees completed position description questionnaires. HR has begun the process of notifying some employees of the results of that analysis; many more have not been notified as yet. Employees will be informed of their new title and the level at which their work has been placed. The employee can accept the new classification or appeal. If the employee decides to file an appeal, the supervisor will be asked for their opinion and the next level supervisor must also respond.

Maine 4-H Foundation Update: Lisa and John will be presenting about 4-H Science at the July 17th Campus Partners Fundraisers meeting.

NIFA Annual Report Review and Feedback: Dennis shared an update of the feedback he received from NIFA about our 2011 Annual Report and POW update, both of which were approved. Overall, the reviewer was pleased with our report and he especially appreciated our impact statements and the fact that we focused on action outcomes.

New Employee Orientation: Fran Sulinski and Angela Martin recently hosted a New Employee Orientation Google Hangout Focus Group with employees across the spectrum of Extension. As a result, Fran and Angela developed a draft and redesign of orientation and shared it with the ELT. The ELT approved the redesign and an in-person new employee training every six (6) months unless there are not enough new employees. The schedule would be revised and the new format would include on-line modules/video available to new employees 24/7 as they enter their new position. Possible topics include: “Getting to Know UMaine Extension (John Rebar)”, Getting to Know the Communications Staff (Cindy and Tracey), UMaine Extension Marketing/Branding and Educational Outreach (Jen O’Leary), and Getting to Know the Technology Staff (Tanner, Chuck, Sheila, and Michele). In addition, there would also be a full day of training on campus that would include hands on civil rights training, opportunities to meet operations staff, a presentation by the Director, EO Training and Domestic Relationship Abuse Training (both mandatory within the first year).

Petty Cash Audits: Cash management policy requires that each University petty cash fund be “audited” quarterly. The audit consists of a simple counting of cash & coin, receipts and “IOUs” to confirm that the full amount of the fund is accounted for. This is a task that is usually undertaken by UMaine Business Office personnel, but in the case of Counties and camps, the UMaine Budget Director Claire Strickland has asked if we have staff members who travel with regularity to these locations who could conduct these quarterly audits. The ELT agreed that the Program Administrators would conduct quarterly petty cash audits of the any off-campus units that maintain a University petty cash fund. Dennis will provide training and a form for the PA’s to use.

Northeast and North Central Directors Meeting: John shared updates with the ELT from the recent Northeast and North Central Extension Directors Meeting. John will share updates with Extension Staff as appropriate.

Status on searches as of July 11, 2012:

  • POS#193 Communications Technology Professional – Filled
  • POS#194 Parent Education Professional – Knox/Lincoln – Filled
  • POS#195 Tech Wizard Assistant – Filled
  • POS#197 Parent Education Professional – Waldo – Offer refused – failed search
  • POS#198 4-H Professional – York – Waiting for Approval to Offer
  • POS#199 4-H Professional (Campus) – Failed Search
  • POS#200 Extension Educator, Assistant Extension Professor (Agronomist) Presque Isle – Accepting Applications
  • POS#201 Program Development & Marketing Professional – Offered
  • POS #202 AgrAbility Professional – Offered and Accepted
  • POS #203 Program Administrator – Internal Search – Advertising
  • POS #204 Youth Dev/Food System Professional – Waldo County – Preparing paperwork to send to HR
  • POS #205 Parent Education Professional – Waldo County – Preparing paperwork to send to HR
  • POS #206 Nutrition & Food Systems Professional Kennebec/Somerset Counties — Preparing paperwork to send to HR