ELT Minutes, December 17, 2014

Extension Leadership Team Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 17th
9:00 – 3:30

 Facilitator: Lisa Phelps

Note taker: John Rebar

Present: John, Dennis, Fran, Lisa and Jon

Benefit Rate for Temporary Employees to remain at 7.7% even though some of these employees may qualify for health insurance if they are employed long enough. Fran and Dennis will monitor this issue. Temporary employees are critical to our camping programs, other summer programs and county offices. Having this rate remain at this amount is a positive outcome for Extension.

Susan Jennings joined the ELT meeting to discuss a proposal to support marketing for the 4-H camps with video equipment that will be used by staff. The intention is to increase the marketing, social media and visibility of Extension with an initial emphasis on the 4-H program. Building public awareness of the success of Extension will enhance development potential for 4-H and all other programs. Susan is getting significant support from Time Warner Cable that has given advertising time at a substantial discount. Susan now has a connection to Maine Public Broadcasting and will explore that possibility. Susan is expecting that the Tech Wizards program will benefit greatly from having locally available video equipment that will be utilized by trained staff. Editing capacity exists with some staff and Patrick Gill. There is a significant opportunity to grow our exposure through more extensive use of social media. The Tech Wizards grant can support the purchase of cameras. Susan believes that the 4-H Foundation can purchase tripods and other video equipment

UMaine Alfond Arena President’s Box: Extension has been allotted use of the President’s box for the February 21st UMaine men’s hockey game. The Maine 4-H Foundation will utilize the box with the Foundation Board and other donors.

FY 2016 Budget Reduction to Cooperative Extension: The upper administration of UMaine is providing a budget update to the Faculty senate that will include an updated estimate of the campus wide budget reduction target of $8.5 million. The cut to Extension is expected to remain the same. John will provide an organizational update that will address the budget situation and what can be expected. There will be a campus-wide presentation by the upper administration on the FY 2016 budget on January 15, 2015 from 3:00 to 4:30 in the Wells Conference Center. Several members of the ELT will attend.


Congratulations to Jim McConnon and Louis Bassano for their work with the Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC).  Recently EMDC recognized UMaine Cooperative Extension with their “Champion Award” which was given in recognition of Jim and Louis’ work to promote economic development in Eastern Maine.

Kathy Hopkins, Beth Calder and Seanna Annis are the recipients of $7,106 from the North American Maple Syrup Council for the project “Developing Processing Guidelines for Maple Sap as a Seasonal Beverage”

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January 13 Rebar Prichard Augusta – 208 Richard Randall
January 23 Prichard Harrington Orono – 102B
February 10 Harrington Sulinski Orono – 102B
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