ELT Minutes, April 28, 2105

Extension Leadership Team Minutes
April 28, 2015
Jon Prichard
Note taker: Dennis Harrington

Dennis reported that the Tanglewood electrical project is nearing its final phase and the first switch is likely to be flipped within the next 2 weeks. The ELT acknowledges the hard work of the local staff on planning and implementation of this monumental project.

Lisa reported that enrollment for 4-H@UMaine is currently at 150, the largest group ever. The event happens this year on May 15th and 16th on the UMaine campus.

Jon Prichard reported that registrations are up from previous years at all three camps. Go Camps!!

Employee Group Annual Meeting: Classified staff members are interested in doing fundraising to increase their options for planning an annual meeting. They have asked if they can engage in fundraising and manage the funds outside of the University. This is not possible since policy dictates that fundraising done under the auspices of the University must be placed into an Extension account and managed according to UMaine System policies and ELT authorization. The ELT does not support public fundraising for non-programmatic, internal events.

Employee Group Meetings: The Extension faculty meets as a group periodically to discuss faculty and organizational issues, and typically receives an update from the Executive Director and/or ELT. The ELT discussed the possibility of giving unique updates to other employee groups. We would be happy to attend any employee group meetings, either in person or electronically, if invited to do so.

Traveling from Home: Responding to questions from staff requesting clarification of travel reimbursements, the ELT would ask employees to read and understand the most current APL on Travel, Expense, and Travel Card Procedures at http://www.maine.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/REVISED-Travel-and-Expense-Administrative-Practice-Letter-FINAL-MARCH-2015.pdf . This clarifies that when using your personal car for traveling to a work event, reimbursement of mileage shall be limited to the lesser of the actual distance traveled on official business, or the distance that you would have traveled from an office. It is not possible within policy to report more mileage then you have actually traveled. If you have questions please contact your supervisor.


John Jemison and Richard Kersbergen
Enhancing Soil Resilience through No-till Production Systems
Congratulations to John Jemison and Richard Kersbergen, who have been awarded $32,880 from USDA NIFA via Cornell University to collect qualitative and quantitative data from early adopter farmers in the region to use to educate other farmers about advantages and risks associated with no-till production methods.
Kate Garland
Kitchen Gardeners International
Congratulations to Katherine Garland who has been awarded $300 from FoodCorps Kitchen Gardens International to help fund FoodCorps Service Members to travel to schools so they may conduct their programming.

The ELT invites you to submit items to be included in the minutes/announcements of the next regularly scheduled ELT meeting. This is an opportunity to share with the ELT and the rest of the organization any of the following:

  • Notable programmatic accomplishments
  • Development or fundraising success
  • Significant new partnerships and/or opportunities
  • Important transitions

Please take the opportunity to share your good works through this avenue. Keep it brief… approximately two to four sentences would be appreciated. To submit an announcement, please contact your PA or appropriate member of the ELT.

Please remember to visit University of Maine’s news site for additional University of Maine Cooperative Extension highlight.

Search Update:

Program Administrator – Maine Food System, Assoc Ext Prof or Ext Prof – Interviewing

Sustainable Ag Asst Ext Prof & Asst Prof – Presque Isle – Accepting applications

4-H STEM Program Prof (2 positions) – 4-H Learning Ctrs at Tanglewood (Lincolnville) or

Bryant Pond – Post Interview paperwork processing

Administrative Specialist CL2 – Franklin Cty – Pre-advertising/Processing paperwork

4-H Youth Development Professional – 4-H Office Orono – Accepting applications

4-H Youth Development Professional – Kennebec – Accepting applications

Research Associate in Vegetable Production – Highmoor Farm – Accepting applications

Community Education Assistant CL2 – Penobscot County – Accepting applications

Community Education Assistant CL2 – Piscataquis County – Accepting applications

4-H Youth Development Professional – Franklin County – Pre-advertising/Processing

4-H Youth Development Professional – York County – Pre-advertising/Processing

ELT Meeting Dates –2015 – Meetings are from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm – unless otherwise noted

May 20 Harrington Sulinski Orono -102B
June 3 Sulinski Phelps Orono – 102B
June 29 Phelps Rebar Augusta – 218 Richard Randall Student Center
July 29 Rebar Prichard Orono – 102B
August 20 Prichard Harrington Orono – 102B
September 16 Harrington Sulinski Augusta – TBA
October 6 Sulinski Phelps Orono – 102B
October 20 Phelps Rebar Orono – 102B
November 12 Rebar Prichard Augusta – TBA
December 2 Prichard Harrington Orono – 102B
December 21 Harrington Sulinski Orono – 102B