Event access in Salesforce is now available! 

— By Whitney Yorston, UMaine Extension CRM System Support Professional

We are now offering two levels of access, based on your level of need: basic and full.

Basic allows you to see your events, your registrants, and get the list of those registrants. The second level is full access, which will allow you to not only access registrants, but to create and manage your own events.

For both levels we offer training videos and we recommend that both levels watch the first video (Events Walkthrough), and if you’d like full access, we ask that you watch all of them. The training videos are on our Plugged-In Page. For basic access, just let us know when you’ve watched the video and we will give you access in Salesforce. For full access, once you have watched all of the videos, we meet with you and set up your first event together. After that, we are always available for any questions and assistance! 

Some quick highlights for some features on the different levels of access:

Basic Access:

  • Access Events and Registrants

Full Access:

  • Access Events and Registrants
  • Setup and Manage all events

Fun Fact!

Getting your registrant list is really easy! On your main Programming Record, there’s a button at the top called “Get Registration List”. If you click on it, it will pull your full registration list, with their statuses and all custom questions!

Salesforce Screenshot of Event Programming Buttons

Don’t want any access at all?

That’s fine too! Just contact us at extension.events@maine.edu and we’re happy to help!