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Transition to Google Analytics Version 4

July 1, 2023

By the end of June 2023 (July 1 to be precise), Google Analytics will undergo a change.

The current version of Google Analytics, known as the “universal” version, will no longer record traffic to Extensions’ websites. Instead, the newer version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, will take over this task. This means that data will be gathered and recorded differently than before.

To prepare for this change, UMaine Digital Communications has already implemented Google Analytics 4 on all university websites, including Extensions’ website.

Until the end of June, you can still access the “universal” version of analytics by selecting from the drop-down menu at the top of the page (complete instructions below). Please retrieve any analytics from previous years from the “universal” version before the end of June as this data will not be available in Google Analytics 4.

Do you have questions or need assistance in gathering an analytics report from the “universal” setting of Google Analytics?

Contact either Michelle Snowden, Webmaster, at or Matt Thomas, Web Professional, at