Branding Examples

County office name

Use “University of Maine Cooperative Extension XXX County” on all letterhead, stationery, faxes, web pages, e-mail signatures, etc. This reinforces our full name and connection to the University of Maine.

Any office sign text should include the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s official logo and your office name. Example: “University of Maine Cooperative Extension York County Office.” For office signs, the University of Maine System tagline is not required.

Telephone listings

When verifying your local listings with your telephone provider please be sure that your contact information is listed under “University of Maine Cooperative Extension XXX County.”

E-mail signatures

E-mail serves as an important way we connect with our clients and customers. Did you know that when clients have dial-up connections, your fancy backgrounds and embedded images can slow down their e-mail connection? And some e-mail systems simply don’t allow images and special formatting.

Here is an example of proper name use in e-mail:

John Doe
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
XXX County


Jane Doe
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
XXX Program

Other information may include:


The non-discrimination statement is not necessary for every e-mail. If you are inviting participation in events via e-mail only, then the non-discrimination statement is necessary.

Answering phones

Initially what may seem like a tongue twister will help the organization in many ways.

Hello, University of Maine Cooperative Extension, XXX County”