Informational Displays

Depending on your audience, you may find you need to highlight and translate certain research findings, and include additional information such as a photo or testimonial to assist in getting your desired message across to your audience. Please read “getting started” section.

As mentioned under the research poster section, be brief, as many audiences are extremely busy and inundated with information, so it is critical to focus on clear, “take away” messages. What do you want the audience to know? How will your research findings help them?

Example of informational display from research findings: University of Maine Cooperative Extension Senior Companion Program display (PDF) (you may be prompted to login to myUMaine Portal; use your gmail user name and password)

In the example above, the audience was Maine state legislators at an event in the state house. This display served as the conversation starter. Faculty/staff were on hand to go into more depth as questions were asked. Legislators have said they prefer information that assists them in their work with their local communities and citizens. This document was crafted from a research findings report.