Resources for Supervisors of Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)

Resources for Supervisors of Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)


Is there any paperwork that needs to be filled out to connect the VISTA with UMaine Cooperative Extension?

No, the paperwork they need to be employed is through VISTA. They are more of a paid volunteer for Extension, so they are not a UMaine employee. It is our understanding that this should be covered in your VISTA training.

Who should I check with regarding getting an e-mail address, login/password for Plugged In?

You should speak to Tanner or Sheila about getting an e-mail address and login for each VISTA.

Will a VISTA be able to purchase a university parking permit?

As non-UMaine employees, they need to use visitor parking passes, which they can buy at $50/year or get for free by the week at the parking office on campus.

Will the VISTA use the same form that staff use to be able to draw mileage from UMaine Extension? The VISTA will not have a University employee ID number – what chartfield will be used?

Yes, they can use the same form. The travel office asks that we write something like “non-employee – VISTA VOLUNTEER” on top of the form. The chartfield to use is the same as everyone is using with the addition of a class code 50. Example: 5400983-60006-50-22-5600050.

Can VISTAs get business cards through the same channels we order from – or could we produce some of our own? Should it use the same UMaine Extension logo?

Yes, you can get business cards through the same channels and using the logo will be okay since the VISTA will be essentially working for UMaine Extension with one of our projects/programs. How to order business cards.

Are VISTAs covered under the University of Maine Liability insurance that covers extension staff and volunteers?

No, VISTAs are under a Federal liability policy and the liability for them would lie with the Feds.

Can a VISTA receive a name badge like UMaine Extension staff have?

Yes. How to order a name badge.