3. Public Notification Requirements

UMaine Cooperative Extension’s Public Notification Plan is the process by which the public is advised of UMaine Extension programs, the requirements for non-discrimination, and the availability of reasonable accommodations for those needing them. The elements of the plan are as follows:

  • Display of the ‘And Justice for All’ poster

    And Justice For All poster
    Click the image above to download a PDF copy of the full-sized 11 x 17″ poster. (Poster transcript)
  • Use of the University’s non-discrimination statement in letters, newsletters, and publications
  • Use of the University’s ADA notice about accommodations on forms, applications, program announcements, and brochures
  • Establishment of outreach programs at the local level to ensure that all persons, especially those who previously may not have participated fully, know about the availability of and effective use of USDA program services, and are encouraged to participate
  • Informing organizations and groups with which UMaine Cooperative Extension cooperates of our non-discrimination provisions
  • Use of non-sexist language and non-discriminatory language, photos, and graphics to convey the message of equal opportunity in all programming
  • Provision of materials in alternative means of communication (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) upon request
  • Providing meaningful access to Limited English Proficient audiences by sending program announcements in English and other languages when there are significant numbers of non or limited English proficient audiences.

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