Time & Effort

Time & Effort reports are required by federal regulation and for the foreseeable future, all University employees will be required to complete Time and Effort report forms three times each calendar year.

Supervisors of Temporary Employees please note: Supervisee forms will be attached to your form. Please make sure your supervisee(s) receive and understand their form.

For a description of the funding sources you might find on your Time and Effort report form, please contact your supervisor or Sheila Vaillancourt at sheila.vaillancourt@maine.edu.

View the Time and Effort FAQ from the Office of Research Administration.

Your form will be emailed to you as an attachment. Please, review, sign, and return your report form to Sheila Vaillancourt. To encourage postage savings, you may either scan the signed document and e-mail it or FAX it to 581.1387. Cover sheets are not necessary.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.

Dennis Harrington
Associate Financial Manager