General Displays

Reserve Extension’s General Displays

Use Extension’s general displays (examples pictured below) at your workshops, program events, trade shows, annual meetings, etc. These are floor size retractable pull-up displays measuring approximately 34 wide by 78 inches high. We also have a couple of table top sizes available.

Contact the Extension Communications and Marketing Team at to reserve displays. Please note: you are responsible for arranging for pick up and the return of the displays to the Communications and Marketing Suite, 103 Libby Hall.


Image of a display poster for farms. Research-driven knowledge and practical skills for Maine's farmers and gardeners.Display poster with collage of images representing a farm family; small child, female and man along with goats.. SupportingPoster display for fiances. Images showing jars of jams, male showing apple products and male and female showing their produce at farmers market.Display for farming future. Strengthening the foundation for a sustainable future for Maine's agricultural economy.Display for farm fitness. Programs to encourage wellness and build resilience. Many phtoso, including female on a tractor and volunteers gleaning producr.

small general display small 4-H display